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Agent 6

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Don "Major Deej" Finger

10 Sep 2011






Agent 6 is a CIA agent that has been ‘allowed’ to cross over from the CIA chain-of-command to the Peacekeepers group while still maintaining access to the CIA’s database and contacts. The only person he answers to in the CIA is a person only identified as “Agent Alpha”.

When the Peacekeepers Plan was established, many super-powered personnel in law enforcement or in government positions that were ‘outed’ from the implementation of the World Super-powered Registration Act (WSRA) were reassigned to the Peacekeepers.  Interestingly enough, some of people added to the Peacekeepers roster did not have super-powers; according to the CIA, Agent 6 was one of them.

With a 'mandatory' 5-year service agreement with the CIA, Agent 6 is still required to perform his duties for an additional 3 years before he's allowed to 'leave' the CIA (no one ever really leaves the CIA...).  As such due to the WRSA, he had to be placed in the Peacekeepers, retired from his Federal government job or jailed. He chose the Peacekeepers...and the Peacekeepers have chosen him.

Agent 6 is quiet, mysterious and has a knack for showing up at the most unexpected times, usually when he's needed the most.  He speaks very little, but when he does it has purpose and impact. He also doesn't 'hang out' with the other Peacekeepers; most of the time, the team doesn't know where he goes off to, but strangely enough, when a situation or call to action arises, not only is Agent 6 'suddenly there', but he's armed, geared and ready to go. This hasn't caused too much friction with the team, however, there is a slight air of mistrust due to Agent 6's clandestine-like actions.


When with the team, Agent 6 is a powerhouse of action that more than less leads to a perfect mission completion. The CIA identified Agent 6 as a “top agent with a ‘spotless’ record” with several years of experience in international and national missions and incidents (note: he looks like he's in his late 20s...'several' years of experience...when did they recruit this guy?).  He is most noted for his sound tactical advice as well as his rapid assessment of any situation, being able to 'read' any situation almost like a precog....





  • Handguns: "Justice" and "Liberty"

    • Fantastic material strength​

    • Adjustable magnetic rail launchers, allows for varied damage from feeble to incredible damage per shot

    • Carries a variety of ammunition and unique magazines and cartridges

    • No rifling or grooving is left on any of his spent cartridges/bullets/devices

    • Range: 200 yards to 1000 yards (pending on power settings)

  • Business Suit

    • Jacket, gloves & Pants

      • Typical physical, thermal, toxic, toxin protection

      • Good radiation protection

    • Shirt & Underwear​

      • Poor physical protection​

      • Excellent radiation protection

    • Glasses​ with Earwig

      • Provides night vision, flash intensity protection (up to good ranks); polarized for sunlight vs darker locations

      • Full communications encrypted array

      • Linguistics translator

      • unlimited range and fantastic informational resource access​

      • Heads Up Display (HUD) with tactical layout and informational relays (think Iron Man helmet displays)

  • Armor (not his business suit)

    • Provides good physical, temperate, toxic and toxin protection​

    • Provides excellent energy protection

    • Provides incredible radiation protection

    • Provides own unique dynamo power source; never needs recharging; stable yet capable of providing up to unearthly levels of power per hour, filtered only to run systems in armor

    • Oxygen generator built into suit; CO2 and exhaled air either scrubbed or expelled to outside of armor

    • Liquid food/water supply in suit allows for 5 days of survival

    • Waste products can be reprocessed/dispensed external to suit (max 5 day reprocessing capacity)

    • Electronic Countermeasures

      • Provides a non-detectable electronic null field while the armor is on/powered up​ for fantastic levels of electronic stealthiness

    • Helmet

      • Provides excellent physical, temperate, toxic and toxin protection​

      • Provides incredible radiation protection

      • Full communications encrypted array

      • Linguistics translator

      • unlimited range and fantastic informational resource access​

      • Heads Up Display (HUD) with tactical layout and informational relays (think Iron Man helmet displays)

      • Tactical sensors/computer interface​

  • Jetpack

    • Made of fantastic material strength materials

    • Wears under business suit or outside of armor​

      • In business suit​

        • 200 mph max, range: 200 miles​

      • In Armor​

        • 700 mph max, range: 350 miles​

  • Grenades

    • 2 smoke (400% reduction in visibility)​

    • 2 flash bang (excellent intensity)

    • 4 explosive (excellent intensity)

    • 1 neurotoxin (sleeping) (excellent intensity)

    • 1 remotely-controlled 'roll-along' tech explosive (excellent intensity, max range 100 yards)

  • Disposable Rope launcher/Grappler

    • 250 feet cable that expands to rope thickness upon application to air​

    • Launcher can fire cable/grappler hook (amazing grappling) with variable intensity launch power based on required height/length

  • Drones/Gunship

    • Reconnaissance​ Drones (2)

      • remotely controlled for a max range of 20 miles; can stay aloft for 2 hours on one charge​

      • Telescopic and audio enhanced sensors/video/camera including thermal, night vision and infra red sensors (remarkable capability)

      • Provides remote encrypted, untraceable network feed to Agent' 6's helmet

    • Gunship (1)​

      • Agent 6 doesn't bring with him normally; only for unique missions​

      • Provides same capabilities as Reconnaissance Drones

      • Carries Vulcan mini-cannon that can fire 120 rounds per second for up to 5 several second bursts

      • Tied with Agent 6's tactical computer and sensors, it has amazing accuracy

      • Gunship damage:

        • incredible damage to a specific targeted object

        • remarkable damage to a 45 degree arc

        • excellent damage to a 90 degree arc

  • Unique Devices

    • Agent 6 devises MANY unique devices that would make "Q" from the 007 movie/book series be impressed.​

    • List is too many and varied, however, standard damage or intensity rate for any device is excellent in ranking.

  • Teleportation Device?​

    • There are too many times that Agent 6 arrives at a scene with no explanation. It's widely believed he has some type of personal teleportation device...or is it a power...?​

    • Range seems to be limited to ANYWHERE on Earth, but not beyond the planet's Exosphere.



  • Spy (Master)

  • US Government (Professional)

  • Federal Law (Professional)

  • Law Enforcement & Operations (Master)

  • Ranged/thrown weapons (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Communications equipment (Professional)

  • Transportation (Professional)

  • Pilot (Proficient)

  • Engineering (proficient)

  • Weapons design/manufacturing (proficient)

  • Lock-picking (Professional)

  • Computer Technology/Encryption (Professional)

  • Intuition (Professional)

  • Languages (Inherently learned, no computers):

    • English

    • Spanish

    • French

    • Italian

    • Russian

    • Chinese

    • Japanese

    • Arabic (Saudi Arabia dialect)

  • Martial Arts

    • Intuition (Professional)

    • Fighting (Professional)

    • Stuns/KO (proficient)

    • Dodge/Evade (proficient)

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