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Doctor Greene

Dr. Robert Greene, M.D.
Human Care Commander (HCARE)

Codename: "Hack"

Doctor RobertThe Beatles
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Doctor Greene is a normal, everyday doctor from Atlanta, Georgia.  Considered one of the best in the business, Doctor Greene has performed nearly every single surgery known to man, including Brain Surgery.  He is a highly intelligent individual with a sharp wit and a desire to not let people die.  He is cool under pressure and is renown for his speed in completing successful surgeries.

Doctor Greene started working with G.U.A.R.D. in 1990 as a result of looking for more challenges in his career and life; as such, GUARD has not let him down.

His only issue is the fact that he considers himself a ladies man. At the age of 55, the doctor sees his youth fading, but not his youthfulness.

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