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Rak'A Tos

Galactic/Extraterrestrial Intelligence Commander (GEICOM)
Codename: "Galaxy"

Take Me To The RiverAnnie Lennox
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An alien Orionan who is a first generation Earther, Rak'A Tos (named Ryan Toss to fit in with the other regular Earth kids), was raised and educated on Earth his whole life and is now the commander of all Galactic and Extraterrestrial Intelligence gathering and monitoring in the Milky Way, or more to truth, the Solar System.

His Orionan parents, seeking to escape the wars on their planet, left their Solar System and traveled to Earth in 1930 to start a new life.  Since Orionans are similar to Terrans, except able to handle 100 times more information that a standard Terran, it was not 'too' hard for them to fit in.  Once they established a new identity, home and background, the Tos family began to grow. By 1940, the Tos family grew from 2 to 10.  In the late 1960s, in an unexpected turn, 5 of the 8 Tos children were drafted to fight in the Vietnam war. Rather than easily manipulate the system to get them out of combat, the children wanted to go to learn how to fight, if for one day, they might have to return to their original world and had to fight there.  The parents were highly reluctant, but agreed. 

Three of the five children that went off to war did not return home alive.

The remaining two, Rak'A Tos and his older brother, Nam'O Tos, were deeply affected by the war.  Rak'A believed that with proper information, the prevention of ignorance about their actions, that the Terrans might want to stop fighting wars, and maybe a better if not more idealistic peace might ensue. His brother, Nam'O, thought the exact opposite.  He wanted to kill Terrans for killing his other brothers.  In a rage, Nam'O set out on a rage-fueled battle in Washington DC...with his father's alien weapons and space suit.

During the rampage, Nam'O was shot nearly a dozen times until he was dead.  That's when the Feds discovered Nam'O wasn't human.  Days later, the "Feds" arrived at the Tos home and arrested all of the remaining family, taking them to Roswell AFB in New Mexico for interrogation.

After weeks of grueling interrogation, brutal torture, sleep deprivation and medical procedures, the father had enough.  He told the Terrans if they wanted to know the 'secret' for why the Tos family was hiding on Earth, they'd have to bring in a lawyer, after which certain remunerations had been accepted, he'd tell the "Feds" everything. 

The 'lawyer' the Feds brought in was a certain CIA operative known as "Major Invader".  The Feds wanted the Major to get the alien to confess about what they believed was a forthcoming invasion by their people. The Major, a known radical even in the CIA, yet an incredibly unequal agent nonetheless, sat with the alien father.  After two days of discussions, the Major knew the Tos family was no threat at all to the US or Earth.


Instead of getting a confession out of them, the Major freed the Tos family and secreted them away down to a nearby river, where they were able to escape to to a new location with new identities.  The Major torched the Roswell facility the Tos family had been held in and reported that the Tos family died in the fire, committing suicide rather than accepting the Terran's barbaric treatment of their kind. 


The Tos family agreed to the Major's plan...all except Rak'A; Rak'A wanted to work with the Terrans to show them what his people were capable of and that they could work together.  The Major made a counter offer and stated "when the time is right, and you still want to, I'll set the wheels in motion for you to not only get what you want, but that they'll accept you and your family without question."  With that the Major found the Tos family a remote home in Canada to live with their new identities...until the Major contacted them in the late 1970s.

Major Invader, a bit older and still a rogue CIA agent, had worked hard on educating and preparing some 'friends' of his that were forming a new organization called "G.U.A.R.D."; he'd prepared them to get Rak'A to be a part of GUARD's team to actually promote peace and understanding.  In an incredible display of diversity, GUARD took in Rak'A and ensured the Tos family would never be discovered or bothered.

That is, until the Soltans arrived, invading Earth in 2000.

During the nine month invasion, the world's nations, military, GUARD and many super-heroes (and villains) fought to push back the Soltans to space.  After millions of deaths, Earth won its fight against the Soltans, who'd retreated to Mars.  During the invasion, the Tos family volunteered to help at GUARD to aid them in deciphering the millions of actions, communications and bits of information that had to be collated and scrutinized.  Orionans, renown in their ability to process information, proved themselves incredible allies to the Terrans during the invasion. Rak'A's processing was even better than both his parents combined; he was a natural at it.

After the invasion's end, the Tos family once again went back to their peace and quiet, except Rak'A who decided to stay on helping GUARD.

Today, Rak'A is the Commander of Galactic and Extraterrestrial Intelligence for GUARD; a job he enjoys doing every day; as much as he enjoys GUARD's continued mission to promote peace.  Although Rak'A is nearly 70 Earth-years old, by Orionan standards, he is only in his mid 20s.

Rak'A obtained that which he dreamed most about; peace.  That, and the gorgeous blonde model that is now his wife...and mother to his two alien/human hybrid children.

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