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Janis Jones

Intelligence Division Director (IDD)
Codename: "Id"

James Bond ThemeMonty Norman
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Janis Jones is actual Camile Jansen, a deceased US Air Force officer who later worked in the newly formed  World Intelligence Agency (WIA). For all of the good she did, Jansen is also considered one of the most deadly domestic terrorists in US history.  Today, Jansen is dead and 'Janis' is GUARD's politically motivated and highly distrusted current IDD.  Confused yet? Read on, reader and enjoy this incredible story.

Jansen, after her seven years in the US Air Force, later worked with the FBI, CIA, NSA and Interpol in a new inter-agency group designated as the World Intelligence Agency (WIA).  During that time, she performed hundreds of criminal arrests, stopped dozens of federal crimes and stopped nearly a dozen terrorist bombings.  She uncovered several newly-created criminal organizations and even discovered the secret identities and secret locations of the bases of nearly 30% of the super-heroes in the world (as well as nearly 60% of the world's villains and their respective bases).  She was the most sought after Intelligence agent.  Eventually, she became the top intelligence officer in the WIA.  It was during this time that Jansen discovered a 'shadow' organization that was well on its way towards passive world domination.  Once she made her discoveries known, her life became a living hell.

Within hours of her briefing to the WIA executives, Jansen was discredited with 'just-released' sex tapes of her with certain vile super-villains, talking about corruption scandals, illegal drugs, illegal weapons and a list of international assassinations she'd 'pulled off' herself. She was even caught saying on tape that she stole over $200 million from the Social Security Program (said to have been found in 'hidden yet just discovered' Crimewave (a criminal organization) bank accounts). Seconds beffore she was to be arrested, Jansen made a break for it and went on the run as the #1 hunted target in the world.

None of what was released about Jansen was true.

Jansen was being set-up.

She knew she must be onto something big with the 'shadow' organization for them to make a move like this. 

The media, police, federal organizations (and a few others like Israel's Mossad) were gunning for her, with the world being fed more information of her 'running battle' and town rampages where grainy 'video footage' showed Jansen shooting and killing innocent women, children, babies and house pets all in her 'mad escape from being captured'.


Again, all of this was untrue.

Running from city to city, buildings to sewers, aqueducts to air vents, she made a crazed yet stealthy beeline to get to the only organization that might believe her: GUARD.

On her way to GUARD's older (original) Lexington, Massachusetts headquarters, police, SWAT and military forces suddenly cordoned off any access to the GUARD HQ. The media stated they'd received reports of explosives in Camile's apartment, with a journal on how she is planning to blow-up the GUARD HQ building.  Reports were also mentioned about several booby-traps that had already been discovered on the HQ's doors and exits that were 'obviously' set by her to maliciously kill people as they evacuated the HQ.  GUARD's personnel were ordered by the authorities to stay inside the building to remain 'safe'. The media ten dubbed Jansen as one of the most evil and depraved minds ever as live news casts continued for the next few hours.

Once again, Jansen had nothing to do with any of this. The shootings, the killings, the explosives at GUARD's HQ - she had nothing to do with any of it, yet here she was, the most hunted person on the planet. That's when she also realized that the shadow organization was going to take down 'two birds with one stone' by blowing up GUARD regardless of the situation. 


Everyone in the GUARD HQ was now on borrowed time and were destined to die at any second.


Jansen knew she had no choice; she had to act.

In an incredible series of movement and thought, Jansen was able to escape detection to within a block of GUARD's HQ.  There, she was able to finally contact GUARD's Director Hart (codenamed "Big DoG") and meet with him in the sewers below the HQ. After she explained all that had happened to her, Director Hart agreed she was telling the truth.  He called for a 'silent' evacuation of the building via the sewers and had his 2nd in command, Neal Norton, take responsibility for Jansen's safety and escape.  Unfortunately, several members of the assassination organization known as "Death Legion" arrived in the same sewer lines, gunning for Jansen and GUARD's "Big DoG", Director Hart.

In an incredible display of marksmanship and melee, Death Legion and GUARD fought.  Amidst the battle, Director Hart was killed.  When Neal Norton was about to extract Jansen, he got shot 3 times while Jansen had her arm blown off by Death Legion's own leader, Deathmaster. Norton is a hopeless attempt to stave off their deaths, opened a sewer line that spewed pressurized sewage into the Death Legionnaires, giving the wounded Norton and Jansen the opportunity they needed to escape down a drain pipe.


That's when Deathmaster ordered a retreat and blew up the Lexington GUARD HQ.


Sadly, a majority of the GUARD personnel died in the building's explosion since Death Legion had blocked the escaping GUARD personnel from leaving via the basement sewer system.


Nearly 400 GUARD personnel, firefighters, police and emergency workers died that day. Only 200 made it out alive.


In the aftermath, the media stated authorities had determined that Jansen had set off the bomb. Director Hart's body was found with nearly 300 GUARD personnel in the basement, with armchair analysts identifying Hart as a 'hero' for trying to save the 300 near him.  Jansen's arm was found in the debris, and as such, Jansen was officially considered dead.  Neal Norton was found days later, stuck in one of the destroyed building's sewer pipes, barely alive.

When all was debriefed, Jansen was considered to be the cause behind everything that had happened. The case was closed.  For Neal Norton and Camile Jansen, however, it had just begun.

In that interim time of the GUARD building's destruction and them finding Neal Norton's near dead body in a sewer pipe, Neal Norton was able to get Jansen to safety.  In the basement of an old building five block down from the destroyed GUARD HQ, Norton and Jansen exited the sewer and got themselves to an old GUARD safehouse nearby.  There, Norton stabilized Jansen's wounds and called in a fellow GUARD officer and friend of his, Rupert Reinhold, for help.  When Reinhold arrived hours later, Norton told him about everything that happened. He told Jansen to take care of Jansen and help her secretly get Jansen medically stable, then a new prosthetic arm, a new face (plastic surgery) and a new identity, all in that order.  He told Reinhold to record everything about what happened to Jansen and store copies of the recordings in safe places around the world, even in places he wouldn't find.  He then told him he had to go back to the sewers back at the old HQ and get found there, or else, Death Legion would continue hunting for Jansen.  Still in great pain from his bullet wounds, he left and went back to the sewers, where, as mentioned earlier he was eventually found and nursed back to health.  He told the world that Jansen 'was' dead and that she 'was' responsible for what had happened. As far as everyone was concerned, Jansen was dead.

Not long after, Neal Norton was promoted to be the new director of GUARD.  Months after gaining his new position, he was 'assigned' (read: forced) to take in a new Intelligence Division Director as assigned by the World Security Council: a woman named Janis Jones.


Janis Jones was said to be an ego-centric, corporate ladder-climbing executive who got her new position as the Intelligence Division Director through politics and the 'good ole boy' network at the United Nations.

The truth was simply this: Camile Jansen WAS Janis Jones.

No one was the wiser other than Neal Norton, Rupert Reinhold, Dr. Elaine Trask (the one who gave Jansen a new arm and helped bring her back to life) Psygate (PSIGUARD's Division Commander), Mr & Mrs Black and Camile Jansen/Janis Jones herself.

Armed with what little knowledge she has of this major 'shadow' organization, 'Camile Jansen' has covertly and carefully begun amassing more information about them to find a way to stop them.  She only briefs Norton on a 'need to know' basis, but intends to get revenge on the shadow organization that destroyed her life and have killed thousands of people all in the name of anonymity.  'Janis Jones', in the meantime, continues to play the corporate 'bitch' that no one in GUARD likes or trusts, all as a ruse to keep anyone from digging further into her new life as GUARD's Intelligence Division Director.

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