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Dmitri Dostrov

NHEC Tactical Commander (NHEC TACCOM)
Codename: "Nick's Tackle Box"

Gun ShowJohn Debney
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A Russian Air Force general, Dmitri rose to the ranks of leadership to include being the leader of the United Nation's peacekeeping forces just before the alien Soltan invasion.

During the invasion, Dmitri coordinated with GUARD and other nation's military forces to defeat the invading Soltans all across Northern Europe and Asia.  During this time, Dmitri released tens of thousands of 'hidden' military equipment that Russia had store-housed after the Cold War, critical of these were tactical nuclear weapons, which he used against several of the Soltan's massive transports located in orbit above Earth.  His actions wiped out tens of thousands of reinforcing Soltan troops, however, at the invasion's end, Dmitiri, for telling and using his nation's 'hidden' arsenal, he was released from his Russian duties and expatriated. The United Nations, however, retained his skills; skills that were needed once again when a rouge Soviet army known as the "Red Guard" (See Soviet Guard) invaded the Balkan states and established a communist regime in Lithuania.

In his battle with the Red Guard, Dmitri worked with Lithuanian freedom fighters and a superhero known as "Captain Lithuania".  Through perfectly executed military maneuvers, the Balkans states were liberated and the Red Guard was decimated (for a few years...).  Again, his actions drew dire consequences when it was established that the U.N. told Dmitri "NOT" to liberate the Balkans, but rather allow a political arrangement, all of which didn't sit well for anyone but the politicians.

Relieved once again, he was contacted by GUARD's then-Director Hart, who invited him to join GUARD and use his skills for the good of the planet.  Dmitri agreed, but had to move his entire family clan, all 100 of them, from Russia to Poland, for fear of further reprisal.

Now, as GUARD's NHEC TACCOM, Dmitri is once again in his element, and is probably the happiest Russian in all of GUARD.  Blunt and very forward, Dmitri has provided incredible tactical know-how to an already amazing group of professionals.

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