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Cecilia Molina

SHEC Public Relations Commander

Codename: "Shecky's Dirty Laundry"

Dirty LaundryDon Henley
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A Brazilian news Assistant CEO for the Worldwide News Network (WNN), Cecilia was the foremost free media leader in all of South America, and is now currently the most sought-after Public Relations person in the world.

A few years ago, Cecilia earned her masters degree in electronic journalism at the Universidade de Brasilia and started working as an independent journalist, covering hundreds of stories about people needing help around the world.  Her articles, though liberal in nature, also appealed to populaces to 'rise above their station' and make a difference in helping each other.  She earned many enemies amongst South American news agencies, most of which were state run.  As such she was threatened time and again with her life, and those on her journalistic team should only print 'certain' news the state provided them...or else.  As such, she learned how to defend herself, taking marital arts and learning to use handguns and rifles.  At one point, she was accosted by a gang of hired thugs to silence her, however, instead, she left them a bloody mess in the alley and printed her story regardless.

After winning several prestigious journalist awards worldwide, she started investigating about a covert criminal organization known as the "Aegis Alliance", a money-laundering band of high-end criminals that used casinos and gambling parlors as their fronts.  After several of her 'sources' were found dead, she instead went undercover, acting as a prostitute in one of the Aegis Alliance's casinos.  There, she was able to work her way into the inner circle, where she later discovered how deeply involved the Aegis Alliance was with many of South America's major businesses.  Just when she'd gotten all she needed to print the story and reveal the illegal ties to several major CEOs and government figures, she was discovered.   In an incredible chase that took her halfway across Brazil into the Amazon basin, she would send pieces of her articleout via the internet, hoping that whatever she was sending would be picked up and put together like a puzzle to tell the story she was trying to get out.

After weeks of evasion, she was finally caught.  Just prior to her capture, she was able to transmit her last piece of the story...and a plea for help.  That's when GUARD showed up in full force.

In an incredible battle along the Amazon River, elements of Terraguard, Seaguard and Aerogaurd were able to not only rescue Cecilia, but also took down all of the Aegis Alliance's Brazilian operation.  Cecelia had never been more relieved than the day she was rescued by GUARD.

With her article pieced together and distributed worldwide, dozens of South American government officials and CEOs were indicted on charges of corruption and money laundering, earning them decades in some of the most vicious prisons in Brazil.  Cecelia won a Pulitzer Prize in journalism for what she did.


With death threats still looming over her, she asked GUARD's then-Director Hart where she could go.  Hart instead, offered her a job with GUARD. Although she initially said no, after two of her fellow reporters were shot dead, she decided to join GUARD.


After a few years, Cecilia's appearances in GUARD news briefs soon grew her fan-base to hundreds of thousands, all clamoring for her bravery, beauty and truthfulness.  With her gun, rifle and martial arts skills, and an incredible ability to ensure the truth be spoken and/or written, Cecilia worked her way up the ranks, all on merit and tenacity, to that of her current position as the SHEC Public Relations Commander. 

As the SHEC PRCOM, she is a taskmaster, ensuring her fellow colleagues get the news 'right' and that it also is used to help motivate others to do for themselves, and NOT be used for sensationalism. As such, she has become an incredible leader in GUARD as well as one of the most popular pin-up girls in all of South America!

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