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Antoine "Tony" Carnegie

Northern Hemisphere Public Relations (PRCOM)
Codename: "Nick's Dirty Laundry"

Dirty LaundryDon Hemley
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Successful British social media guru with an incredible list of news sources and contacts, "Tony", as he likes to be called, achieved his current position by being fired from his previous position as the social super website, Ya!Go!'s CEO, as well as uncovering some of the greatest scandals of the 21st century thusfar.

A few years ago, media outlets worldwide were passing along scripted news from major world business leaders and governments, rarely performing any form of investigative journalism.  Antoine, a known hacker and media blogger, set up his own website called Ya!Go! and formulated a no-nonsense investigative journalist's haven.  Although highly liberal, it was also one of the very few sources of 'true' information on the internet.  Hundreds of lawsuits and charges were filed against his company to shut them up.  Equipped with an old childhood friend who went to Oxford to become a Barrister, he was able to keep the lawsuits at bay and in most cases, dismissed.

In one heated column called "The People's Rights", which he wrote, he uncovered the fleecing of people all over the world, leading to the arrest of hundreds of greedy corporate fat-cats and diabolical financiers.  In one such article, he'd discovered a world crime organization called "CANIS" that had incredible influence on trade and banks.  In his articles, he was able to display proof of the thefts and corruption of many such "legates" as they were called.  The World Court rounded up many of these criminals, but one day, it all stopped and Tony was instead charged with drug dealings in Central America, which were untrue.

He'd been set-up.

In an incredible story of political intrigue, murder, multi-million dollar scandals and superheroes saving the day, During that time, his lawyer friend from Harvard was killed in order to get at Antoine.  Antoine was devastated over his friend's death.

Antoine was able to get his name cleared, however, his reputation was constantly berated after the incident by the rest of the world's media, all of which he couldn't understand why they were doing so. regardless, he continued his investigative journalism until he discovered several major world media outlets were being controlled and funded by some type of 'shadow' organization.  In an incredibly brazen move, he ordered said major world media CEOs to meet with him at an old restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts, several blocks from GUARD's HQ.  There, he showed his evidence to the media CEOs. telling them they had 15 minutes to turn themselves in to either the local police or GUARD or his information would be distributed to the world via the internet.

That's when the assassin's guild known as Death Legion arrived.

Death Legion was 'assigned' to assassinate Antoine, but at the last second, were informed not to kill Antoine in fear of their assassination being broadcast worldwide. Instead, Antoine was kidnapped and tortured. They tortured him to get the the means to access the sensitive files and stop the worldwide dissemination of said information (and any recorded videos of the ordeal with Death Legion, if there were any). 


Tony, in working with superheroes in the CANIS scandals, had contacts with them.  Several superheroes appeared to save Antoine, however, Death Legion killed nearly 20 civilians and fatally injured four superheroes while only capturing six Death Legion assassins (which said assassins were all broken out of jail within hours).  Tony was a bloody mess when he went live with his files and collapsed before a pool of reporters, crying for those that died or where injured trying to save him.

Ya!Go!s stock holders, impressed with Tony, yet unwilling to financially support someone who may turn on his investors (some of them he did in the last battle), lost his CEO position from his own company and was let go.  Tony knew now one would hire him after that, however, one organization had an interest in him.  GUARD.

Death Legion, thinking there was no profit in keeping a death mark on Antoine, relinquished it.  A day later, Tony arrived at GUARD's Human Resource office and requested a job interview for whatever postion was available. He felt guilty for the deaths that were caused  and wanted to do something to justify their sacrifice.  He was invited to join GUARD and help them, but with ANtoine's caveat that he needed to stay 'transparent' in their operations; no fake news. All parties agreed.

Within a few years, Tony rose to his current position, continuing to investigate and disseminate information truthfully, no matter the cost...and at times, to the chagrin of GUARD's director.

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