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Hermann Rothenstein




late 20s








People's Fighter

Axis Force



Don "Major Deej" Finger

27 August 2008



None known (orphan)



Hermann Rothenstein is the face of the early 21st Century's Neo-Nazism movement throughout Germany and Western Europe.  He created a new strong anti-Semite movement that he later called the "New Reich Army".

Over the last few years, Rothenstein worked hard to gain more supporters and grow the army, however, many of his 'troops' barely had a fifth grade education and were more comfortable doing crimes than pushing Rothenstein's agenda.  That all changed when Rothenstein started receiving millions in Euros of funds, as well as shipments of advance weaponry by an anonymous donor (see Scorpius). 


Over the next few months, Hermann devised a plan to attack Nuremberg, Germany with his new 1,000 militants and modern weapons and take control of the city as a strong political statement, garnering more support and strength for his anti-Semitic mission.  German police, SWAT teams, anti-terrorism units and the German Federal military all converged on Nuremberg to stop what was being called the "Nuremberg Revolution", led by the New Reich Army's leader, Hermmann Rothstein AKA Volksjager. The New Reich Army held out as long as they could, but with their inferior training and discipline, they quickly started to fall apart.  What started as an occupation of over 100 square miles was quickly pushed back to 5 blocks of downtown Nuremberg.  The police, SWAT, military and even the German superhero group known as the Teutonic League all joined in for what was expected to be the final offensive and liberation of Nuremberg, Germany.  Instead, the complete opposite occurred.


As the police, SWAT, military and German superheroes started taking apart the last vestiges of Volksjager's New Reich Army, Baron Berlin, the most notorious WWII Nazi Special Operations Leader and his super-powered Axis Force all arrived from a 70 year cryogenic prison, complete with a fresh, highly trained and well-armed 10,000 man army to aid Volksjager and the New Reich Army. When all was said and done, Baron Berlin and his new modern day Axis Force turned the tide of the battle, taking over the original 100 square miles in and around Nuremberg that the New Reich Army had previously seized, claiming it as a new Nazi nation of "Reichsland".


Although Volksjagger was the leader of the New Reich Army, he happily turned over the remnants of the army to Baron Berlin and proclaimed the Baron as Reichsland's new "Kaiser".


Today, Volksjager is a new member of  Baron Berlin's Axis Force.  Volksjager, with his incredible strategic mind and plasma-energy mace, now fights for Baron Berlin and Reichsland; a nation he'd helped create.  A beloved figure by nearly all of the New Reich Army, Volksjager truly believes he has been fated by 'god' to aid Baron Berlin in creating and eventually expanding Reichsland to all of Germany, Europe and eventually, the world!



Power origin: Natural


No powers.


  • Plasma Energy Mace

    • Amazing material strength mace with a plasma energy blaster built in to the end of the mace.​

    • Hits with good physical blow in melee combat.

    • Blasts for excellent energy damage

    • Mace also has spikes on the end, causing potential 70% changed of edge attack damage in melee combat.

  • Energy Pistol

    • Fires good energy blasts at a 200 yard range; 50 shots per power pack (he carries at least 4 power packs on his person at any particular time)

  • Reich Rifle

    • Uses magnetic firing system with specialized excellent explosive armor piercing rounds capable of piercing incredibly strong metals and physical barriers up to a 1/2 mile maximum range.

    • Contains an good strength sonic energy emitter capable of affecting a 90 degree arc in front of the rifle up to a range of 40 yards.

  • Unique gadgets

    • Volksjager carries a variety of unique and specialized weapons and devices provided to him by Stuka, ranging from listening devices, sensors, laser torches, sonic grenades to brain scramblers (all of course only excellently strong and nowhere as powerful as the ones Stuka uses)

  • Comms Gear

    • earwig with 100 mile range capable of using encrypted frequencies

  • Special Goggles

    • Capable of taking remarkably strong flash or blinding light attacks

    • Has a night vision capability on a 10-hour charge (4 hours to recharge via standard electrical outlet)

  • Rocket boots

    • Can fly up to 300 mph at a range of 200 miles to a maximum altitude of 10,000 feet.  He can only carry about 100 lbs of extra weight (which will halve the range and speed of the boot's capabilities)


  • Leadership (Master)

  • Propaganda/Rallies (Master)

  • Tactics (Master)

  • Military Operations (Professional)

  • Weapons (Master)

  • Mace - Melee Fighting (Master)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Pilot - single engine, fixed & rotary wing, jet pack (proficient)

  • Stealth (proficient)

  • Spying (proficient)

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