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Oceania Champions Champion of Oceania Ba
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Beatrice 'B' Jones


Great Britain/Villain










"B", Madame Vexatia

Champions of Oceania



Don "Major Deej" Finger

11 Dec 2011



  • Scott Jones (father, deceased)

  • Margaret Jones (mother, deceased)

  • Cynthia 'C' Jones (younger sister, status-unknown)

  • Abe 'A' Jones/Abigail Jones (older brother (transvestite); status unknown)



As a young girl, she was constantly 'abused'; day and night, beaten routinely. In her teen years, she was sold out for prostitution and taught the ways of a dominatrix by her mother.  By age 18, she was a damaged, sadistic woman, bent on torturing others...and being tortured...for the joy of it. She killed both her mother and birth father at age 19 (for which their bodies have only recently been found buried under an old abandoned London fish cannery).

One day, she was 'working' for a sadistic crime warlord when he was attacked by a psychic superhero.  In the battle, she thought it would be fun to see how a superhero handles pain, and attempted several cruel means of inflicting pain on the fighting hero.  The superhero used his psychic powers to stop her, but unknowingly, severed several synapses between her pain receptors and the other half of her brain, allowing her to use latent powers of pain domination and psychic blasts.  The superhero died in agony battling her with her new-found powers.

Ostracized in 'normal' society, she instead traveled to the new nation of Oceania, where Governor Goldstein used her as his tool for torture and 're-education' of its citizens.  She has since become a member of the island nation's "Champions of Oceania", however, due to her powers, she is very hard to control.  Since she enjoys pain, and she hardly feels pain, she has a tendency to exceed the orders of the team...and at times Governor Goldstein.  Regardless, she is a dangerous, sadistic woman, hell-bent on invoking pain to any who cross her.



Power Origin: Mutant

Pain Domination

  • Excellent ability to manipulate, nullify and amplify pain

  • Can heal and inflict pain using Inter-space biological healing and pain creation

  • Power does not work on machinery or robots.

  • Can nullify pain in a target, soothe allies of their pain, share pain between two people (or more) as well as be a conduit for pain (if Vexatia is hurt, she can project her pain on whoever attacked her).

  • On rare occasions, when focused, she can produce what others call a 'world of pain' power that projects the most hurt person in a 60 yard radius and projects it outward to everyone in the same 60 yard radius all at once; it's quite a showstopper.

Psychic Assault

  • Has a good ability to project psychic lance ranged attacks up to 100 yards.

  • Can 'confuse' people within a 10 yard range.

  • Can project a psychic 'high' in a target, dropping that target's embodied defenses as part of the euphoric effect the 'high' provides.  This power, once administered last up to 10 minutes and requires the target a chance at resistance once every minute or so, unless the target...enjoys...the effect...

  • She can also induce a psychic assault on the 'pleasure' centers of a target's mind, creating a good euphoric feeling (like having sex) for up to 10 minutes before the effect wears off.  Most targets offer little resistance in these cases.



  • Head Piece

    • When worn, it provides Vexatia with a heightened mental agility, allowing her to perform her psychic attacks at an increased agility level and empower her to initially increased the initial psychic attack by a whole level, yet not actually increase her psychic damage to target(s).

    • It also provides her the ability to find the 'pleasure' centers for her target's brain, otherwise she only sends out a euphoric 'high' power effect.


  • Knives

    • Carries at least 2 concealed knives with her at all times

    • Made of non-metallic composite materials for excellent material strength

    • Cannot be detected in any metal detector


  • Belt Coupler Sonic Weapon

    • Excellent sonic device that emits sonic attack for duration of battery or when turned off manually

    • When Belt Coupler sonic device activates, embedded ear filters activate, preventing her from being affected from the sonic device.

    • Usually uses it to provide distraction to escape

  • Comms Device

    • Radio transceiver with a 250 mile range and battery life of 1 week


  • Abnormal Psychology (Proficient)

  • Advanced Biology (Proficient)

  • Melee Weapons: Knives/small blades (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun ((proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Savate (Proficient)

  • Oceania Lore (Proficient)

  • Psychic Defenses ((Professional)

  • Sex Industry/Prostitution (Professional)

  • Dominatrix (Professional)

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