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Experiment GX-1971-455

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Don "Major Deej" Finger

5 Feb 2014

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The Chinese government, in the late 1960s and early 70s, took a radical turn in its genetic enhancement program (an offshoot program of that which performed experiments on its own citizen-hero, Manchurian Murata) when it started combining DNA from other creatures and beings. One such experiment, GX-1971-455, involved a puffer fish denoted as a "Takifugu'; poisonous spines and an ability to enlarge its body mass to 7 times its volume.  This experiment used human DNA (and Manchurian Murata DNA in the 'unsuccessful' other experiments) to which seemed to die within minutes of it being grown/born. As such, the experiment, as was done in the day, was 'flushed' down the drain and out into the ocean via sewer pipes.

Once the 'dead' experiment came in contact with came back to life.

Over the next decade or two, the "Takifugu" experimental life form roamed around the Chinese coast, eating other fish, seaweeds and so forth, however, it also learned how to defend itself from aggressors like sharks and bigger fish by expanding its body to a larger volume and/or poisoning the aggressor(s) with its sharp spines. Sadly, a shark got ahold of it and did some severe damage, causing the 'Takifugu' to wash up ashore in Japan barely alive.

There, a young Japanese girl found the 'Takifugu' and took it in and attempted to care for it. Luckily, the 'Takifugu' had a healing factor which allowed for itself to heal. The little girl and the 'Takifugu' quickly became friends. The little girl kept 'Takifugu' hidden from her parents and first. During that time, the little girl taught Takifugu some Japanese language, and introduced it to Japanese culture and activities (using a bathroom, for one thing, and learning how to eat with chopsticks). After a few months, the 'Takifugu' was able to utter key words and sentences as well as use non-savage means of doing things (wouldn't chase after dogs and cats and eat them, for example). Eventually, the little girl was compelled to 'show off' her new weird friend to her own friends...and that's where everything went wrong.

The little Japanese girl invited several of her school friends to see the "Takifugu'. Nonetheless to say, they were amazed at it, wanting to touch it and play with it. The Takifugu was kind and cool-headed for nearly all of this until one of the girl's friends pricked herself on one of Takigugu's poisonous spines, immediately getting sick and going into convulsions. The little girl called for an ambulance to come help. When the ambulance showed up, the Takifugu was kept hidden away so as not to let others see it. Sadly, when the children were pressed about 'what' poisoned the child, one relented and disclosed to the paramedic about Takifugu and where it was hiding.

When the paramedics uncovered Takifugu, they called the police...which now created a major incident with an 'unknown potentially dangerous creature' and children involved. The police called in anima control which of course, by this time was starting to agitate Takifugu. The paramedic and the police got the children (and the little Japanese girl) away from Takifugu safely. When animal control attempted to capture Takifugu, it went savage on them, slicing them with its long sword-like spines, shooting poison quills at them and eventually expanding into a larger size, making it impermeable to bullets and shotguns.  Takifugu ran out to the ocean, chased by the adult humans, feeling betrayed and angry to have been separated from those it was beginning to like. Sadly, the little girl's friend who pricked her finger and got poisoned on Takifugu's spines...died. By the end of the situation, seven were pronounced dead (one being the poisoned kid) and ten others were poisoned (but survived after being treated in a hospital). Takifugu was now marked as a 'dangerous sea creature'; a creature that was now to be hunted until found...and then killed.

For the next several months, each attempt of Takifugu trying to alight ashore in Japan resulted in even more human deaths, poisonings and battles. It never again found the little girl nor the little girl's friends, but did find aggression from all other humans, as they did all they could to hunt down Takifugu. Eventually, Takifugu gave up and swam south....back towards China.

On its way to China, Takifugu encountered Milu, the Polynesian god of the underworld. Milu befriended Takifugu and slowly taught it more words, cultural customs and of to hate humans.  Within a years time, Takifugu was able to converse and understand Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian and English enough to that of a 3rd grade spoken/understanding level. Milu offered Takifugu the Chinese coastline as its own 'warlord territory' if Takifugu would make Milu its master; instead Takifugu wanted Japanese waters. Since Milu had already worked a deal with Susanoo, a fellow 'villain' from Japan, he instead offered Takifugu 'up to the southern tip of Japan...and the Chinese coastline, to which Takifugu agreed to.  The southern tip of Japan was where the little girl it'd met once was. Try as it might, Takifugu was never able to find the girl there again, regardless.

Awhile ago, Milu had Takifugu join him and several other 'villains' to attack and take over the Hawaiian Islands. Takifugu was a relentless combatant, but not long after Milu's team's victory, the rest of the humans in the region and Hawaii's new superheroes, the Pacific Legion, banded together and fight Milu's team back to the Hawaiian Island of Niihau, where Milu and his forces, to this day, still reside.


After that, Takifugu wandered off back to the Chinese and Japanese coast, doing what it was doing before; eating fish and sea growth and just...existing. On occasion, Takifugu would attempt to go ashore or see what the humans were up to, only, once again, to be attacked viciously. As such, Takifugu truly believed all humans were 'aggressors' and deserved to be hurt or killed.


Today, Takifugu still resides along the Chinese coastline, attacking humans and settlements (and Chinese military and navy installations) when it wants to. It seems to have become more of an 'alpha' as its gotten older, and as such, doesn't like others 'in its territory'.  It is aggressive, but not savage; it can communicate, but chooses action instead of words; it dislikes and hates humans, but has compassion when presented with a being that is unnecessarily wounded or hurt and needs help (to which it attempts to help, but usually isn't smart/capable enough to do which it then gets agitated and swims off, leaving the wounded/hurt being to their own fate).  When Takifugu encounters aggression, it can most certainly be expected to react in the death.

On an additional note, Milu has once again attempted to contact Takifugu, trying to make amends from their loss in Hawaii. Takifugu is still upset with Milu, but seems to be more inclined to work together once again...

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Power Origin: Mutation/Science

  • Baseline Enhanced Physiology

    • In its normal form, it is about 6-7 feet tall and thin with the following capabilities:

    • Good fighting, Good agility, good strength, remarkable endurance

    • Without spines projected:

      • Protective skin provides good protection versus physical, energy, temperate and psionic/mental attacks

      • Protective skin provides incredible protection versus radiation and toxin/toxic attacks

    • With spines projected:

      • Protective skin and spines provides remarkable protection versus physical, energy, temperate and psionic/mental attacks

      • Protective skin and spines provides incredible protection versus radiation and toxin/toxic attacks

  • Enlarged Enhanced Physiology

    • In its enlarged form, it's about 8-9 feet tall with double to triple the mass with the following capabilities:

    • Without spines projected:

      • Protective skin provides good protection versus physical, energy, temperate and psionic/mental attacks

      • Protective skin provides incredible protection versus radiation and toxin/toxic attacks

    • With spines projected:

      • Protective skin and spines provides incredible protection versus physical, energy, temperate, radiation, toxic/toxin and psionic/mental attacks

  • Spines/Quills

    • Can retract/project spines from the whole of its body

    • Spine protections are based on baseline or enlarge physiological state (see above)

    • Spines and/or quills can emit poison upon command or desire (see poison for details)

  • Poison

    • Can emit, project, shoot or spew poison from its spines/quills

  • Ink Cloud Defense

    • Can emit a dark, inky cloud from spines that can fill an area of water reducing visibility by a factor of 2

    • In air, the ink can adhere to ones skin/surface area potentially acting as a gooey poor substance that can cover a target's eyes/face

  • Swimming/Water Movement

    • Can swim up to remarkable (30 knot+ speeds)

  • Water/Air Breathing

    • Can breath in both water and air

  • Environmental Awareness in Water

    • Good environmental awareness wherein she can feel/detect movement/motion up to 100 yards away

  • Vision

    • Can see in darkness (Nightvision)

    • Can see partially into Ultraviolet spectrum

WEAKNESS: Water. Must soak in at least 8 gallons of water a day or dehydrate, losing an entire endurance level per hour after 20 hours of not soaking in water. Less than 8 gallons extends the endurance loss per hour but only to equitable levels.

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Dark Ocean.jpg


  • Fishing/Harvesting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: +Initiative (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Japanese (barely proficient)

    • English (barely proficient)

    • Russian (barely proficient)

    • Chinese (barely proficient)

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