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Unknown to nearly all




'Linked' with Siyokoy









Siyokoy ('Linked One')

MANY children (500+)


Kaha Koa



Don "Major Deej" Finger

3 Feb 2014

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Siyokoy and Syrena are the last male and female of the Merepeople species. Syrena and Siyokoy are the last two Merepeople of the Pacific Ocean. 


For centuries, the Merepeople, who were magically altered humans from thousands of years before, flourished and numbered in the tens of thousands in and about the Pacific Ocean basin.  They were meek and shy beings, mostly wanting to remain in the depths of the oceans and away from man and the humans' insatiable appetite for violence.  Whenever the Merepeople encountered humans, most of the time, the Merepeople would simply swim away, however, the curious few that didn't are the Merepeople of legends and tall sea stories. Sadly, the more the Merepeople interacted with the humans, the more the Merepoeple acquired mankind's deadly diseases.  In time, the Merepeople's population dwindled amidst the contagious deadly diseases and plagues that man had unwittingly exposed them to. By the late 20th century, there were less than 50 Merepeople left alive; sick and barely strong enough to even hunt for food. Their species was practically extinct...that is, until a transmutated human called "Abyss" found them.

While surveying the unmapped sections of the undersea regions of the Pacific Ocean, Abyss came across a sick and dying Mereperson.  He encouraged him to point the way to the Merepeople's home so that Abyss could 'help' them.  What Abyss wanted instead was to see if there were enough of these Merepeople to recruit into his new, growing army. When Abyss arrived at the Merepeople's enclave, most of the remaining Merepeople were disgustingly sick and near death.  Only two young Merepeople, a young boy and a girl, seemed the healthiest amongst them, and to that, just barely.  After a few hours of going over his analysis of sick and dying, he determined that most of the Merepeople had human-created or human-conceived diseases; diseases the Merepeople had no idea that the humans retained vaccinations and immunizations for on land. Abyss, completed infuriated that his new potential 'army' of Merepeople was waylaid and dying over diseases that could actually have been and still could be treated with existing human medicines.


Abyss told the Merepeople's eldest (leader) that he was going to take the two young Merepeople, Siyokoy and Syrena, take them to his base and 'heal' them properly and then use them to help him raid a human hospital and/or pharmacy and take the drugs from there and administer them to the Merepeople.  Of course the 'hitch' in the deal was that if Abyss saved them, the Merepeople would be forced to serve him as their Lord and ruler from that day forth. The Merepeople's elder regrettably agreed, but warned Abyss that the Merepeople were also 'magical' beings and that these 'vaccines' may work, but may also have an affect on their innate magical bodies.  Abyss ignored the elder, calculating the last time he'd ever heard or read of a vaccine that enacted negatively against a being with magical powers. Regardless, Abyss took Siyokoy and Syrena to his base with the intent to change them...forever.


At Abyss' Lab and base, Abyss tossed the sickly Siyokoy and Syrena in his Transmutation Matrix Units (TMUs) and fiddled with the setting to what he believed to be enough to empower the two youths to remarkable levels of strength and capabilities.  After several minutes of being exposed to the TMUs' machinations, Siyokoy and Syrena emerged larger and healthier than any Mereperson had ever been; they were actually super-powered by comparison. The TMUs 'altered' Siyokoy's and Syrena's long tails into separated human-like legs. Abyss believed it was a better thing to do 'for them' (more to truth, 'for him') so they could operate on land rather than flop about uselessly. It took the better part of a day to teach Siyokoy and Syrena the basics of walking and balance, as well as how to lift and move things using their new legs. Within about 30+ hours, the two Mere-youths were capable enough to basically walk, balance and carry things.  Thus, Abyss took Siyokoy and Syrena on the first of five locational raids in the Philippine Islands; raids of hospitals and pharmacies to obtain the drugs, vaccines and immunizations that Abyss believed would save the Merepeople...and use those same Merepeople as his new army once they were strong enough to handle exposure to being changed into his new Transmutated Merepeople ("TMMs", as per Abyss' records and logs) via Abyss' TMUs.


Abyss had originally intended to steal the drugs and administer the drugs himself to the Merepeople, but thanks to his encounter with the Philippines Island police, military and Coast Guard vessels, Abyss had to 'fight'; every time he fights, he gets into an 'Alpha-Lock' combat mode; a mode that diminishes his reasoning and well as his memories of being a doctor.  To that degree, Abyss altered his plan and instead abducted a doctor and a nurse and dragged them (in undersea gear) to his lair, along with several bags of medical supplies and the necessary/required drugs for the Merepeople. Once there, he had the doctor and nurse create vaccinations (as per Abyss' notes he'd left at the lab for himself (just in case he 'did' get Alpha-Locked)), and after a few hours, all was ready to help save the Merepeople.


When Abyss and his pair of Mere-youths, the doctor and the nurse arrived at the Merepeople's enclave...they'd realized they were too late. The last of the Merepeople were dead.


Siyokoy and Syrena were officially the last of their kind.


Both Siyokoy and Syrena made a vow to each other then and there at a ritual site that from that day forth they would be 'linked' for all time henceforth and hereafter.  Abyss, uncaring or their innocuous ritual, hauled his band of humans and Mere-youths back to his lab. There, Abyss had the doctor and nurse assist him in 'experimenting' on Siyokoy and Syrena to find a way to get their regenerative DNA and either clone Merepeople or make the two of them mate until Abyss had an army...either way, Abyss wanted recompense for all the effort he'd done to try and save this species so he could personally subjugated them.


For months, the doctor and nurse unwillingly experimented on Siyokoy and Syrena. In the end, it was determines that Siyokoy and Syrena could not create their own reproductive system until they were at least 20 years in which neither of them knew how old they truly were...but definitely not 20...yet.  In a burst of fury, Abyss killed the nurse in his rage, demanding the doctor to give him what he wanted in the next week or all of them would never see the start of the 2nd week alive.

After three days, the doctor, Syrena and Siyokoy decided to work together to escape....and escape they did. Luckily for them, Abyss became distracted with fighting a US Navy submarine in the area, thus allowing the Mere-youth and the doctor a chance to escape. Sadly though, the doctor was instead caught in the base's security grid and killed, however Siyokoy and Syrena did escape (but just barely).


Over the next few years, thanks to Abyss' transmutation (and experiments) of the the Mere-youths, they'd both become quite violent and aggressive in nature. Together, both Siyokoy and Syrena attacked villages, boats, ships and islands, gaining weapons and resources.  All the while, at long last, Siyokoy and Syrena were of age to reproduce...and did they ever. In less than four years, Syrena laid over 300 eggs that hatched into  strong, powerful and equally vicious Merepeople (actually, 'Transmutated Merepeople' (Abyss' "TMMs")). These new Merepeople have quickly grown into young warriors, each of which are more than capable of fighting a standard human underwater. This new 'colony' of Merepeople have since taken up residence on the edge of the Marianas Trench, wherein a vast, deep series of caverns hide them from the outside world...and Abyss...until recently.

Abyss discovered one of the new Mere-youths and requested it to pass along to the 'Elder' (Siyokoy) that he wished to discuss a truce and provide an apology to him...and presents for his new colony.  Siyokoy nearly killed Abyss when they met again, however, after a short discussion, Abyss admitted his mistakes and apologized. In order to help Siyokoy and his new transmutated species, Abyss offered anything they wanted...if they'd meet a certain 'person' who could act as an arbiter between them; that person: Milu, the Polynesian God of the Underworld.


In the meeting with Milu, Milu swore to protect the new Merepeople species and allow them an entire Pacific Ocean region for them to be 'warlords' of (the Philippines Sea), as well as 'arbitrate' for the Merepeople to protect them from Abyss and any of his 'machinations' or attempts to subjugate the Merepeople's species. As always, there was a caveat. Milu would do so, so long as that, when the day comes that Milu calls upon them and his syndicate of warlords, to which Siyokoy and Syrena were now part of, his..."Kaha Koa" he now called long as they all answer and join forces to start their attack on the humans in their attempt to take over the oceans of the world once and for all and make the humans their subjugated species.


Although Siyokoy and Syrena agreed to Milu's deal, the catch was that none of the "Kaha Koa" were allowed in the Merepeople's domain/region, except for messengers or until said 'conquest call' was made, to which Milu...and Abyss...both agreed upon. 

Today, Warlord (and Elder) Siyokoy and Elder Syrena rule their new realm with hundreds of their new children. Although Siyokoy and Syrena were unable to reproduce until their age of 20, after some forced 'studies' they had humans do, it seems that their children's new reproductive age might now be as early as 15. In less than a decade, the Merepeople's population is expected to explode exponentially; at least, that's the mandate set forth by the king and queen.


The Merepeople's realm  (now its new branch species) doesn't have a name. Until then, the two Elders intend to grow their population, attack any who dare invade their realm and raid the human ships, islands and villages as they please, whether if the humans like it...or not.

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Power Origin: Magic/Mutation/Science

Siyokoy and Syrena were originally magically enhanced humans that became a species of Merepeople; Abyss mutated them with his Transmutation Matrix Units (TMUs), changing them permanently, using Science to augment their innate abilities and to cure them of human diseases


  • Enhanced (Transmutated) Merepeople Physiology

    • Remarkable innate fighting skills

    • Remarkable agility and coordination

    • Excellent strength (able to lift up to 1/2+ ton)

    • Remarkable endurance and stamina (can go for up to 30 hours without rest of sleep...however, the 'kids' do test this endurance!)

    • Intuition and environmental sensing in remarkable in nature; can detect things up to 300 yards away as if it was right next to him

    • Claws and teeth can rend up to remarkable material and when used at full strength, can do remarkable damage.

  • Body Hide/Armoring

    • Body's (baseline) covering of scales provide the following:

      • Typical temperate protection

      • Good physical, energy protection

      • Excellent toxin/toxic, disease, radiation protection

  • Symphonic Control/Emanation

    • Excellent sonic powers capable of the following:

      • Excellent level calming/mind control, single target; range 200 feet

      • Good level immobilization/hold using voice against multiple targets, 30-degree angle; range: 100 feet​

      • Typical level 360-degree calming/mind control; range: 60 foot radius

      • Symphonic Confusion

        • Good level application. Using her sonics, she can alter perceptions to think others, including allies, are attacking them. Effect can last up to 10 seconds.​

      • Controlled Enticement

        • Using various pitches of frequency, she has the good ability to get a targeted person/being to do what she wants for about 100 seconds, to those of typical of lesser psyches​

      • Siren Song/Sleep

        • Excellent ability to enchant or entrance a person or persons by singing. Can even put them to sleep if she uses the right frequency resonance. Range: 200 yard radius​

  • Enhanced Capabilities

    • Swimming

      • Can swim at remarkable speeds (40+ knots)

    • Leaping (above water)

      • Excellent leaping allow to go across for 200 feet, up 120 feet and down 350 feet.

    • Underwater/Air Breathing

      • Can breath air or water without issue

    • Night/Dark Vision

      • Can see in darkness without issue above or below the water

WEAKNESS: Water. Must soak in at least 6 gallons of water a day or dehydrate, losing an entire endurance level per hour after 20 hours of not soaking in water. Less than 6 gallons extends the endurance loss per hour but only to equitable levels.

UNIQUE STATE: The Merepeople species originally had a singe tail/fin, but with Abyss' forced transmutation, that tail/fin was instead separated into legs and feet. The process cannot be reversed. All new children are born the same way.

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  • Armor

    • Polished Magical armor found at the bottom of the sea, some several hundred years old

    • Armor covers chest, Forearms, Lower Legs & Feet

    • Provides the following protections:

      • Remarkable physical, toxic/toxin, magical, psionic/mental, energy

      • Excellent temperate

      • Amazing radiation

  • Magical Levitation Boots

    • Over 2000 years old; unknown arcane magic creator (Conglomerate?)​

    • Incredible material strength

    • Magically repairs itself at feeble rate

    • When used in air:

      • Provides poor air flight speed of max of 40 mph

      • Can allow flight up to 4,000 feet

      • Can allow up to an additional 450 lbs of weight before boots can no longer allow forward momentum or any altitude change

        • Siyokoy JUST comes in at this weight

    • When used in water:

      • Adds to innate swimming speed, allowing Syrena's max underwater swimming speed to incredible (60+ knots)

      • Can allow up to an additional 700 lbs of weight before boots can no longer allow forward momentum or any change in depth

      • Can be used down to 10,000 foot depth before water pressure begins to damage the boots (4500+ psi)

  • Bracers

    • Provides the same protection as 'armor' (listed above)​

    • Provides a 'tuning fork' type feeble sonic resonance medium for Syrena's sonic powers.

    • Syrena can focus audible or inaudible sonic frequencies unto her bracers, allowing for the bracers to resonate the frequencies at a feeble level, but at an amplified range

    • Range for most sonic resonations through the bracers is 1 mile in air, 5 miles in water

    • UNIQUE TRICK: 'Syrena's Call' Beacon

      • Syrena can use her sonics in her voice at subsonic (unheard) levels through her bracers, creating a specific vibrational resonance that she has taught Siyokoy and her children to listen for as a 'call' to come to her now.​

      • Resonance range - in air: 1.55 mile; in water: 6.5 miles 

Dark Ocean.jpg


  • Merepeople Lore, History, Species (Master)

  • Underwater Navigation (Master)

  • Underwater Fighting/Warfare (+ Fighting) (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Initiative (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

  • Fishing (Professional)

  • Parenting (Master)

  • Teaching/Training (Professional)

  • Leadership (Proficient)

  • Sex/Reproduction Processes (Master)

  • Languages:

    • Merepeople (Doctorate)

    • English (professional)

    • Russian (Proficient)

    • Chinese (Proficient)

    • Tagalog (Professional)

    • Vietnamese (Proficient)

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