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Sister of the Ice

Image by Jake Colling
Lady IceArcadia
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~500+ years old









Arcane Sisterhood



Don "Major Deej" Finger

21 Fev 2020



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Crystal was the daughter of one of the more powerful 'water and ice' Nature witches of Scandinavia. Born in 15th century AD, she was a strong young woman who quickly adapted to her mother's shaman-like teachings on using magic to control ice and localized sub-zero weather.

Sadly, Crystal's mother was attacked by fearful villagers with Crystal barely getting away with her life intact. She travelled for years in and about the mountains and eventually down into Europe until she came across a magical cult of women named the "Arcane Sisterhood", headed by a woman named Malconna.

The sisterhood all hated men, but loved crisscrossing with different schools of magic. As a result, Crystal's mastery over ice in Nature magic made her quite popular, allowing her to create a large following within the sisterhood called the "Sisters of the Ice".

Sadly, Crystal, the Sisters of the Ice and the Arcane Sisterhood got hunted my man and its 'witch hunt', which included being hunted down by a secretive magical society called 'The Conglomerate' and their military wing called the 'Knights Arcanus'. Many died at their hunters' hands. Crystal was one of the few that, instead of being killed, was transformed into an inanimate object (a rock) by one of the Knights Arcanus, leaving her imprisoned for eternity in her new state...until she was found are revived again hundreds of years later by the Arcane Sisterhood's original leader, Malconna.


Today, Crystal is a member of Malconna's new Arcane Sisterhood. She is trying to recruit new witches to train and revive her Sisters of the Ice again, but Malconna keeps deterring her from doing so, instead, demanding Crystal 'focus on bettering her powers to stop to better destroy the Conglomerate, the modern version of the Knights Arcanus and man's world'.  As such, Crystal, who is appreciative of Malconna's help, has recently begun to realize there is an icy barrier slowly growing between the two of them...


  • Arcane Sisterhood Inherent State

    • As a result of being transmuted into an inanimate object for hundreds of years, their physical bodies are disfigures, patched with dead/damaged skin, have magical energy tears in their skin and unhealable skin discolorations.

    • Side effects of this transmutation makes each sister have the following:

      • Excellent prevention of magical detection

      • Poor physical body armor versus magical, physical, energy, toxic/toxin, temperate and radiation damage

      • Radiant energy 'tears' in their skin that glow a feeble glow

      • Reduced physical attributes (movement, agility, fighting) due to new inherent body state

      • Nigh vision at good level

  • Arcane Bolts (Arcane)

    • Can emit good magical bolts up to 100 yards in distance

  • Ice Blast (Arcane/Nature)

    • Can emit a good ice blast up to 100 yards in distance​

      • Blast can cause up to good temperate/cold damage to target​

      • Blast can also be manipulated to use for immobilization, holds and/or strengthening or supporting weight

  • Ice Manipulation (Nature)

    • Can manipulate water and ice (primarily ice) at an excellent level to include:​

      • Infrigidation

        • Can lower the temperatures in the immediate area at a good level, covering a 100 yard radius from herself​

        • Can lower temps down to -40 degrees F

        • Can be coupled with Snowstorm power for additional effects (see Snowstorm below)

      • Icy Shield/Barrier

        • Can initially create an ice wall/barrier that provides:

          • good physical, toxic/toxin protection​

          • incredible radiation and cold/ice protection

          • poor temperate protection against heat/fire

        • Can create a barrier of ice the volume of 200 square feet in several seconds at a time to an excellent level of thickness max

          • Additional thickness and volume requires additional effort and time​

      • Snowstorm

        • Can create a localized weather effect of up to good effect in creating a heavy snowstorm

          • Full effect felt within 200 yards of her location; diminished effects to each additional 200 yards out from each effect's radius​

          • At its center, visibility drops by a factor of 3, with adjacent areas affected by one less visibility drop factor thereout

          • Infrgidation and snowstorm can couple together to create a power stunt that can cause up to good cold damage and poor physical wind damage every several seconds of exposure

            • Requires full concentration to create, maintain and/or intensify a snowstorm (extra effort to couple with Infrigidation)

      • Arctic Fog

        • Can create a heavy cold fog across the land, dropping visibility by a factor of 4 within range

        • Range: 200 yards for full effect, visibility factor decreases by a factor of 1 for each additional 200 yards outward


  • Arcane Sisterhood Staff

    • Made of spectacular level magical wooden material

    • Can be pulled out of magical portal to access/use with but a thought

    • Made specifically for this person; no one else can use it

    • Provides an additional level of magic focus, agility and stores an additional 20% more magical energy (mana) that the staff's owner can access/store (mana), but only so long as the staff is held in the bearer's hand

  • Body Armor (Chestplate, boots, glaives, skirt)

    • Provides good protection versus magical and mental/psyche attacks

    • Provides typical protection versus physical, energy, temperate and/or toxic/toxin attacks

    • Provides remarkable radiation protection

    • Provides protection from magical sensors/sensing up to a remarkable level

    • Negates magical wards and their functionality up to remarkable levels


  • Arcane Magic (Proficient)

  • Nature (Water-Ice) Magic (Professional)

  • Witchcraft (Proficient)

  • European History (Professional)

  • Scandinavian History (Proficient)

  • Leadership (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (proficient)

  • ​Hydrodynamics (Proficient)

  • Winter weather (Proficient)

  • Glaciology (proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Norwegian/Swedish (professional)

    • English (Proficient)

    • German (Professional)

    • Slavic (Proficient)

    • Russian (Proficient)

    • Viking (Professional)

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