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Pink Archer

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Patricia "Pink" Plinski


Hero (American)










Pink Arrow




Don "Major Deej" Finger

25 Dec 2006


  • Scarlet Plinski AKA Redbow (sister)

  • Ace Plinksi (brother, deceased)

  • Amelia Plinski (mother, deceased)

  • Ashton Plinski (father, deceased)



As early as 8 years of age, Patricia "Pink" Plinski was able to use a bow and arrow better than most professional archers. Her parents drilled Pink's brother, Ace, and her older sister, Scarlet, in a highly competitive manner. The father, Ashton, had won the gold medal for archery in the Olympics three times in a row, while Pink's mother, Amelia, won the gold twice. The parents hoped that maybe one of the kids would one day find their way to Olympics. Interestingly enough, all three eventually made it to the Olympics.

Pink was competitive and spirited, usually using the 'help me' mentality to garner more of her parents attention to 'helping' her do better in archery. Scarlet instead was told in her teenage years by her parents to 'suck it up' and 'start showing some self-motivated progress' instead of finding fault with everyone else. Pink didn't help by taunting Scarlet at every turn, mostly in a playful way, but later on, it started to get personal. In their teen years, Scarlet and Pink would routinely break into fist fights with one another in knock-down, drag-out spats.  Ace, the brother, was always the peacemaker and had no sides; he loved his sisters equally enough.  Ace also had a natural talent for marksmanship, and although a master in archery in his own right, he preferred rifle sharpshooting events.  When Ace was training with his sisters, he was brutally honest on assessments on each other, including himself. All three of them touted each other on a daily basis in order to get one anther's competitive spirit flowing.  Eventually, that touting paid with a heavy price.

When all three went to the Summer Olympics to compete in their respective archery events, they each made their own way to their related medal rounds.  The media broadcast the archery medal rounds calling it "the most watched Olympic competition event of the games". The media loved the  three siblings' dynamics and their aggressive competitive personalities. Ace and Pink had earned their spots on the Team USA men's and women's teams, respectively, with both taking Bronze medals in their respective team events. Scarlet disliked teams; she believed she'd excel beyond both siblings in individual competitions instead.  Pink and Ace, after winning their medals, were hugging each other and smiling and making cute faces for the media, all while Scarlet was trying to focus. Scarlet wanted the limelight as well and was getting angrier by the minute over the exposure of her siblings to the press while Scarlet had to wait days for her individual events. As a result, one night in the Olympic village, Scarlet exploded in verbal rage against her siblings telling each of them to 'grow up' and start 'acting like adults'.


The whole exchange was recorded on social media and went viral in an hour. Scarlet soon starting getting angry face emojis and angry texts from those she thought were her fans.  Scarlet instead grew even angrier and the individual matches finally approached.

For this Olympics, the individual match system had been completely overhauled for the games that year. Though single eliminations with bronze medal matches was retained, the matches now consisted of sets. Each set comprised of both medaling archers shooting three arrows each. The archer with the best score in the set receives two points; if the set is a drawn, each archer receives one point. The match continues until one archer reaches six points. If the match is tied after five sets, a single arrow 'shoot-off' is held with the closest arrow to center winning.

Pink and Scarlet eventually found each other in the single arrow 'shoot-off' against each other.

In their final shots, Scarlet lost by 2mm of distance from Pink's Gold medal shot.


Scarlet lost it live on international TV.


Scarlet went on a tirade in front of the media and cameras, attacking and pummeling Pink in the face.  Their brother, Ace, who was attending as a viewer at Pink's and Scarlet's medal round jumped the barriers, separating the two of them, preaching calm and sportsmanship to Scarlet.  In a fit of rage, Scarlet drew an arrow to shoot a crippling shot at Pink's bow hand, however, Ace intercepted the arrow...with his body.


It went straight through his heart, causing Ace to die instantly.


As the media and spectators looked on in shock and awe of what had transpired, the siblings parents screamed at Scarlet, saying she was no longer their daughter; she was disowned. 


Scarlet put an arrow through each of her parents heads.


As Scarlet was reeling about to shoot Pink next, Pink attacked Scarlet in utter despair.  The two fought savagely before the cameras of the world.  Eventually, Olympic security shot Scarlet in the bow arm and leg.  Scarlet ran off, never to be seen as the girl she once was. 


After the brother and parents funerals, Pink recovered, and eventually joined the superhero team, the Challengers as "Pink Archer" at the bequest of the team leader, Major Deej. Scarlet on the other hand, went into a VERY dark place, becoming a mercenary for the villainous Death Legion assassins guild.

Today, Pink is a celebrity hero with the Challengers, working hard every day to be an example to other competitors, teaching them to work hard to achieve their dreams, all the while, working as a hero saving lives...and still trying to find her sister, Scarlet, to which their next encounter may be a forgiving sisterly embrace...or revenge at the end of an arrow tip.



Power Origin: Normal (no powers)


  • Bow

    • Compound Bow w/Laser Sight

    • Amazing composite material bow with excellent material cable

    • Laser sight allows for 500 yd range accuracy increase

  • Quiver

    • Good material strength; flexible

    • Can carry a variety of between 30 assorted or up to 50 non-tipped arrow shafts

  • Arrows

    • Some already on arrow shafts; special ones may be located on bandoleer and belt

    • Sharp (amazing steel, razor sharp)

    • Blunt (typical damage/stun)

    • Acid (amazing toxic damage over time upon target impact; 15 seconds)

    • Sleep gas (remarkable sleep gas, one area; lasts up to 5 minutes, pending target endurance)

    • Flash (incredible flash attack; can blind all in area for up to 1 minute)

    • Smoke (reduced visibility in area x3 for 1 minute, pending air movement)

    • Explosive (remarkable force explosion on impact)

    • Electrical (excellent electrical energy discharge on contact)

    • Sonic (typical sonic attack over time; 30 seconds)

    • Napalm (incredible heat damage upon impact)

    • Net (Immobilizes all in area with excellent immobilization until net is cut/destroyed)

    • Bolo (When bullseyed, wraps around targeted feet, hands, arms, etc with good hold/block; constricts up to excellent max)

    • EMP (Incredible electro-magnetic damage upon impact to target; not area)

    • EM Pulsar (Excellent electro-magnetic damage in area over time; 30 seconds)

    • Fire Extinguisher (Amazing fire retardant/oxygen deprivation/heat deprivation foam upon impact)

    • Grappler/Cable (300 yard long micro-cable (good strength mat'l) with arrow shank slider bar/cable clamp for traversing along cable (grappler hook extends outward x3 surface area as part of arrow head)

  • Costume

    • Covered areas provide poor physical, temperate protection

    • Covered areas provide good radiation protection

    • Boots/heels provide excellent protection against heat/fire/toxic/toxins

  • Shades

    • Provide incredible flash protection

    • Provide normal, polarized and night vision capabilities

    • remarkable material

  • Earwig

    • Communications transceiver with unlimited range when within tower/satellite range

    • 25 mile range without towers/satellites


  • Archery (Master)

  • Bow & Arrow Design/Manufacturing (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Master)

  • Acrobatics/Tumbling (Expert)

  • Martial Arts: Melee (fists/feet) (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Thrown weapons (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Wrestling/Holds/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Initiative (Proficient)

  • Olympics (Professional)

  • Criminology (Proficient)

  • Race Car driver (Proficient)

  • Rappelling/climbing (proficient)

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