Religions listed here are NOT religions that are seen in your own timeline, but instead, the MDUverse. These religions can be benevolent, intrinsic or malevolent, pending on a character's point of view. Regardless, to have a 'religion' one must have more than a hundred followers to qualify.

Orders are organizations that have an intrinsic lifestyle or focus that leads their group's way of life.  Orders can be benevolent, malevolent or neither.  An order usually begins with a visionary and a band of followers who believe the visionary and work together to change or convert their lives to their views, actions and practices. Orders usually only run in hundreds of followers; more than that and you have a religion.

Cults are groups of people that are under direct control of a leader or small group of leaders.  No independent thought is allowed outside of the leader's (or leaders') manifesto. Usually, when a cult acts upon something, the action is extreme and noticeable. Leaving a cult is difficult to do. Cults are usually less that 100 followers or converts; more than that and you have a religion.


The following are religions, orders and cults unique to the MDU:

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