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Dmitri Docha







Charize (Masters) Docha (wife)

Chad Masters (father-in-law)

Igor Docha II (son)

Tanya Docha (daughter)

Igor Docha (father, deceased)

Anya Docha (mother, deceased)

Master Knight




Don "Major Deej" Finger

22 Oct 2017




Born in the country of Belarus, Dmitri Docha, the son of a former Soviet KGB agent, Igor Docha, has gone on to become one of the greatest swordsmen - and deadliest combatants - in the world.


When the cold war ended in 1990, so did Igor Docha's career.  Jobless and penniless, Igor's family survived in and around Belarus, fighting for their meals. Dmitri's mother, Anya, died during this time of pneumonia. Eventually, Dmitri and his father found a traveling entertainment troupe that needed someone to enact fight scenes for their live stage performances; Igor, being a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, was the perfect choice.

Over the years with the troupe, Dmitri learned all forms of combat from his father, but gained a passion for sword fighting, which Dmitri learned from the troupe's well known ex-Russian Circus performer, Antov Maskovich.

Eventually, the troupe fell apart and once again Dmitri and his father were left to fend for themselves.  That winter, his father died from exposure, protecting his son, DmitriDmitri was found in a frozen alleyway in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, still wrapped in his father's frozen and dead arms.  Initially, Dmitri was taken to a state mental hospital, however, after a couple years there (and the hospital's staff 'walking out' and abandoning the facility), Dmitri found his way to a state-run orphanage simply called "Orphanage N.5", outside of Chernobyl. 

There, along with dozens of other wayward teens, Dmitri was forced to learn metal work.  He created his own swords, forged from stolen steel and titanium found at the long-shutdown Chernobyl nuclear plant site that they raided (even though it was considered criminal to trespass on the lands). 

After Dmitri had fashioned his own swords and practiced with them for months, he began putting on performances in the local area to earn money.  In 1998, Dmitri was discovered by a recruiter from a certain 'spider-themed' militant global domination order.  Their lord and leader of the order was impressed with Dmitri's skills and demanded Dmitri's 'recruitment', sending him to a specialized unit recently created called the "Knights of Arachnos".  There, Dmitri was readily accepted and felt for the first time that he had a family again; a family that respected him, his skills and believed in taking care of each other.  In no time at all, he became the 'Master Knight' to the Knights of Arachnos' leader, Arbiter Mercedes (AKA Lord Arachnid).

During this same time, Dmitri fell in love with a beautiful Fortunata named Charize Masters.  her father, Arbiter Masters, was an eccentric brown-noser of an Arbiter, always stabbing people in the back who got too close to his power. and position as a mission coordinator for the order.  Arbiter Masters did not like Dmitri, and even told him to his face to never see his daughter again, but Dmitri didn't heed his warnings. With that, Arbiter Masters seethed over a wonderfully devised, duplicitous plot that would not only curry favor with his lord and leader, but would make Dmitri equal to a traitor to the order. With great effort, Arbiter Masters began to weave his plot against Dmitri - until the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth in January 2000.


All of the order's facilities, bases, fortresses and hideaways were attacked outright by the Soltans in the first few hours of the invasion, decimating the order in less than four days time.  Dmitri's group, the Knights of Arachnos, fought like warriors born, taking out dozens of Soltan troops per every lost knight.  During this time, Arbiter Masters survived the initial onslaught, hiding out in a cave with a band of loyal troops. Masters kept his loyalist troops from the fight, expecting that eventually, he'd arise from the cave and become the next lord and leader of the (now decimated) order.


On the fourth day of the invasion, during the grand final battle of the Knights of Arachnos against the Soltan hordes, the knights fought hard, but succumbed to the mass numbers of the Soltans.  When all was done, the wave of Soltans were defeated, but only several knights were left alive - but just barely. None of the them were capable of even standing and nearly all succumbed to unconsciousness in less than a minute after the battle ended.  One remaining conscious knight was Dmitri, who'd been stabbed and shot several times in the back and was unable to stand, but was still awake.  Arbiter Masters sauntered from his nearby hidden cave, where he and his other loyal soldiers 'watched' the Knights brave battle...and did nothing to help.  Arbiter Masters then went on a soliloquy of his original plan to make Dmitri a traitor and get him killed, but stated, as he watched the knights battle, Masters knew they'd be defeated, and all he had to do was wait to deal the final death blow to Dmitri if he hadn't already died by that point. With a look of utter disdain, Arbiter Masters began to torture Dmitri.


Arbiter Masters cut, stabbed and mutilated Dmitri for over a half hour, all in full view of Arbiter Masters' loyalist troops.  As karma would have it, a 2nd wave of Soltans arrived and slaughtered Master's loyalist troops, however, Arbiter Masters was able to slink off the battlefield to safety while his troops were being decimated.   Eventually the Soltans left, and a local band of doctors and townsfolks came to the battlefield to do what they could for those that fought for their safety.  Dmitri (as well as Arbiter Mercedes AKA Lord Arachnid) was found amongst the bodies, .

Dmitri, surprisingly,  did not die.

Dmitri was rushed to a local hospital, where surgeon's operated on him for over two days to get him even to the point of being in critical condition.  Dmitri died twice on the operating table, but was revived each time. During his last 'death', Dmitri laid dead for nearly 10 minutes while the doctors tried to revive him.  The 10 minutes without oxygen gong to the brain can potentially cause irreparable brain damage; Dmitri, although alive, now had potential brain damage to add to his list of medical concerns.  At one point, a surgeon who was brought in to help Dmitri with his spinal issues instead injected an experimental mutagenic into Dmitri's spine without consent from or disclosure to the other doctors.  For Dimitri, this saved his life; for the surgeon, well, he went on to work with Zenith Labs thereafter, providing more 'scientific resolutions for helping the disabled'. Within weeks Dmitri was not only back to normal, but better and more agile than he'd ever been before.

While convalescing, Dmitri and (ex) Arbiter Mercedes talked about where to go from there.  Together, they agreed that they should work together to make a better' Knights of Arachnos', but with more focus on empowering their troops and personnel capabilities vice the order's "strongest shall survive" methods. As a result, they set the groundwork for what would become the new "Arachnoknights" group that they'd lead. As such, Dmitri, during his recovery, helped write what would be the key tenents of the new "Code of the Arachnoknight" book.

Once Dmitri was able to walk again, he went looking for his girlfriend, Charize.  He eventually discovered she'd survived the Soltan Invasion, but was taken by her father after the knight's defeat to San Dimas, California, where she was later found drugged up and incapacitated in a psyche ward.  Her father, now going by his given name "Chad Masters" was putting together a new version of the old order, with him in charge.

After a few days of reconnaissance, Dmitri knew where Masters and his new band of 'spider-sheep' as Dimitri called them, were.  He'd even figured out how to take out nearly all of them due to their pathetic security, lack of training and the ineffectual design of their own defenses.  With the help of several old and new Arachnoknights, their first test was to take down the traitor and upstart Masters and his goons and save Charize thereafter.

It was a slaughter.  In the end, all of Masters' 100 'spider-sheep' were killed, with only one Arachnoknight getting a sliver of shrapnel from a rebounding frag grenade.  Masters, however, as always, escaped.  Dmitri knew where he was going: Charize's hospital.

At the hospital, Masters arrived in Charize's hospital room disguised as a doctor, only to meet the Arachnoknights' leader, once known as Arbiter Mercedes but now known as Lord Arachnid, with a power mace aimed at Masters' chest.  There, Lord Arachnid tied Masters to a chair and kept him there until Dmitri showed up.  While waiting, Lord Arachnid was able to get Masters to verbally confess his sins and crimes against Dmitri and the now-extinct order.  When Dmitri arrived, Masters swore he'd kill Dmitri for all he'd dare due to him.

That's when Charize sat up in bed on her own power.

She'd been listening the whole time to her father's confessions, pretending she was still sedated.

Dmitri and Lord Arachnid both had planned to ween Charize off the drugs and early one morning slipped into her room and told her what was happening.  They explained they wanted her to hear from her own father, firsthand, of what he'd done and that she alone was to pass judgement on what should be done, seeing as he was her father, after all.

Charize wanted her father's death, but said that would be too good for him.  Instead, she wanted him to suffer the drugs and nightmares she experienced due to his hallucinogenic drugs he'd administered to her since 2000.  Thus, she requested the same fate as her; eternity in a vegetative, drug induced state...but not in a hospital in San Dimas.  No. In a maximum security cell. Forever.

With that, ex-Arbiter Masters was sedated, drugged and placed in Charize's old hospital bed.  A call was made to G.U.A.R.D. to come pick up the 'violent' mass murderer and war criminal (the confession was digitally recorded and left with Masters in the hospital room), Arbiter Masters, stating that a maximum security was the minimum place for his safekeeping....and then all left together.

Today, Dmitri, as the "Master Arachnoknight" and his bride, Operation Specialist Charize Docha, are part of Lord Arachnid's new "Arachnoknights" group, working together towards ensuring people like Charize's father even have a chance at treated people as cannon fodder ever again. Her father, Chad Masters, is still in his maximum security prison at an undisclosed location. 




Origin: Normal, but has a mutagenic compound in his system

  • Enhanced Human Abilities

    • Increased Strength and Stamina

      • His improved strength allows him to lift 400 pounds with ease.

      • His remarkable stamina now allows for him for run or swim up to 35 mph for duration of over 2 hours before he tires

      • Requires less than 3 hours of sleep to be fully recharged

  • Improved Vision and Hearing

    • Has remarkable vision and hearing

      • Can see things as small as an inch in diameter 400 yards away

      • Can hear a targeted focal point up to 500 yards away.

  • Increased Agility and Aim

    • His agility is remarkably accurate

      • capable of shooting or slicing a buzzing Fly in half in the air in front of him.



  • Armor

    • Provides Excellent physical, temperate, energy and psychic protection

  • Energy Swords

    • Handles are made of amazing strength material

    • Energy blades can cut materials up to unearthly levels of protection and thickness

    • Swords can retain a charge for over 8 hours before they must have a 2 hour recharge

  • Various Equipment

    • Emergency food and water rations - 2 days

    • Survival Kit: wire saw, compass, matches, etc.

    • Emergency beacon

    • Emergency communicator

    • Personal force field generator (good for incredible physical, temperate and energy protection for a 30-minute charge

    • Spare Energy Sword power cylinders (2)



  • Swordsman Fighting/combat/blocking skills (doctorate)

  • Acrobatics (Professional)

  • Wrestling (Proficient)

  • Hand-to-Hand Fighting (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (professional)

  • Environmental Awareness (increased initiative)

  • Russian Circus/Circuses (Professional)

  • KGB Operations/Practices (Proficient)

  • Strategy (Professional)

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