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David Jason Yorke




mid 30s








Sergeant Deej, Captain Deej​

The Challengers

MDU: ORIGINS Issue # 2

8 Aug 2016

Don "Major Deej" Finger

28 Dec 2006



Coming Soon!



Origin of Powers: Mutant


    • Amazing body regeneration and healing rate (full health healing in 30 minutes). Will not work on head if severed.


    • Full body Good resistance to all forms of damage including magic


    • Remarkable strength, capable of lifting 3000 lbs without effort


    • Can leap up to 1/4 mile in one stand still leap and 1/2 mile in momentum-based follow on leaps.


  • Mk 6 ARMOR

    • Armor Protection/Resistance

      • Provides incredible armored protection against physical, temperate, acidic and chemical attacks.

      • Provides amazing protection vs all energy and electrical attacks

      • Provides good magical protection (embedded wards)

    • Power Supply for gauntlets and boots

      • Provides 10 hours of energy at full power before batteries start to discharge (10 minutes battery power)

    • Gauntlets

      • Left Gauntlet

        • Amazingly strong material armor

        • Retractable Mini Gatling Gun

          • fires armor piercing rounds for 2 two-second delayed bursts for main and adjoining area excellent piercing damage or single target remarkably powerful piercing damage

          • Range: 400 yards

          • Targeting system provides split-second visual, heat and infra-red tracking, increasing accuracy to incredible levels

          • 10% chance to jam per burst session

      • Right Gauntlet

        • Amazingly strong material

        • Micro Missiles

          • Contains 10 explosive missiles; can only launch 2 at a time

          • Excellent level explosives

          • Range: 1 mile

          • Targeting system provides split-second visual, heat and infra-red tracking, increasing accuracy to incredible levels

    • Belt

      • Belt is the armor's battery so long as it is connected

      • Belt Capsules (8)

        • Explosive (remarkably strong) (2)

        • Explosives (incredibly strong) (1)

        • Flash-Bang (incredibly blinding light with poor level audible damage) (2)

        • Food Capsule (1 day protein ration) (1)

        • Water Capsule (6 oz.) (1)

        • Compass/wire-saw/desalination tablets/antibiotic pill/insulin shot (1 ea. all in 1 capsule)

    • Boots

      • Amazingly strong material

      • Jet Flight

        • Allows Major Deej to fly up to 500 mph for a range of 250 miles maximum before recharging

        • Max Altitude: 60,000 ft. (with heaters on)

        • Can carry additional 500 lbs without flight detriment; each additional 250 lbs halves flight performance (speed, range)

        • Total max weight armor can fly with: Major Deej weight (~250 lbs) + armor's weight (100 lbs) + 1000 lbs = 1, 350 lbs.); anymore than that and boots cannot lift off.

      • Rocket Assist

        • One-shot 6-second burn for each boot.

        • 70, 000 kP of force (lifts fantastic level of weight)

        • Creates good physical shock damage to boot wearer and potential stun

        • From stationary spot: 0 to 600 mph in 6 seconds; from existing forward direction subsonic flight- x to 850 mph in 6 seconds (breaks sound barriers).

        • Rockets have to be replaced after the one-shot use to be able to be used again

    • Helmet

      • Amazing armor protection

      • Tracking system for incredible visual/thermal/infra-red interface and weapons tracking

      • Heads Up Display (HUD) for visual imagery, targeting, communications and suit/weapons status

      • Communications Equipment

        • Worldwide cellular and satellite access, NATO and US military frequencies; unlimited range

        • Giga-burst Stage-5 encrypted internet speed links for computer,  communications, internet and SIPRNET (classified military) access.

        • Direct channels to New York Governor, New York City Mayor, NY military and National Guard units as well as all New England Air Force and Air National Guard units.

    • Cape

      • Flame resistant material

        • provides good thermal protection

        • provides feeble physical protection

      • Has an Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) sewn into seam (range: 200 miles, can be read by SARSAT). Activates when both ends of the ELT are depressed; battery length - 1 week (pending site temp).



Current Occupation: Professional superhero (master); US Army Reserves (Major)

  • Leadership  (Master)

    • Military, police and civilian.

    • Has over 30 contacts in this area.

  • Military Equipment Handling (Proficient)

    • Can handle and operate all forms of military equipment such as tanks, armored vehicles, grenades, portable TOW missiles, etc (no guess work involved)

    • Hast at least 10 contacts in this area.

  • Pilot (Proficient)

    • Single engine, twin engine, prop and jet; instrument rated

    • has at least 6 contacts in this area.

  • Military (Expert)

    • Retains double the reasoning in all aspects of military order and knowledge.

    • Has at least 20 contacts in this area.

  • Marksman (Expert)

    • +2 on aimed handgun and rifle agility

  • Tactical Analysis (Proficient)

    • Skilled in gaining an advantage in intuition

    • Skilled in analyzing attacks requiring dodging/evasion (additional level of targeted (single target) fighting in aerial or melee combat)

  • Superhero Community (Master)

    • Knows who's who, stats, powers etc. (additional tow levels of reason)

    • Is known to all as a bastion of heroism (three levels of additional respect/popularity)

    • Has at least 50 contacts in this area.

  • Event Organizer (Master)

    • Can communicate with businesses and city infrastructure to organize, plan and execute any type of event in 60% less time and 40% more impact.

    • Has at least 50 contacts in this area.

  • Police Knowledge and Experience (Master)

    • Knows about all facets of police work, organization, tactics and operations to tripele a normal person's understanding.

    • Has at least 50 contacts in this area.

    • Has triple the level of popularity and trust from police than anyone would from outside of the police force.

  • Local Politics (Proficient)

    • Understands all facets of city and state government and municipal operations.

    • Has at least 10 contacts in this area.

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