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Magistrate Andromeda

Planet and Moon
Space PiratesAnimattronic
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Androm Eda

Relatively unknown



60 years








Maji-Strait Androm Eda

Galactic Expatriates



Don "Major Deej" Finger

11 May 2011



None mentioned




As a Soltan planetary governor (title: Maji-Strait) in charge of the Soltan-invaded planet of Vetona in the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, Androm Eda was considered a ruthless and cruel dictator of the enslaved races on the planet.  Thirty years before ago, he'd been placed in charge of the planet by the Soltan Star Empire's High Command, but within two years time, had earned the ire of the High Command due to Androm Eda's poor administration of using the planet's species to mine and process ores needed to build Soltan Starships. 


Rebellions from the planet's species coupled with Androm Eda's mass killings of the planet's work force created a lull in quotas for ore shipments. As a result, the High Command demanded Androm Eda to 'correct' the deficiency or be jailed for his inaction.  Androm Eda was furious at the High Command in even considering prison for him and as a result, made Androm Eda kills tens of thousands more workers just to spite the High Command.  Nearly two decades ago, the High Command sent a new Maji-Strait to replace Androm Eda. The resultant encounter was epic to say the least.

Days before the new Maji-Strait was to arrive, Androm Eda scoured the planet for any and all means of unique equipment and/or weapons he could use against anyone daring to usurp him or his post. As a result, he uncovered one of the Vetona's greatest scientists who had hidden away since the Soltans had taken over, surviving for his own demented desire e so that he could perform many 'mad scientist' experiments, including cyborg implants, power infusion and force field generation equipment.  Rather than kill the scientist, he made a deal with him to 'augment' him with gravity control powers, force field generators and a powerful combat armor suit. The Vetona Mad Scientist did...and once he was done giving Androm Eda what he wanted, Androm Eda killed him. Now, with incredible powers at his control, he would take control of the planet's citizens by force. Sadly, his 'replacement' arrived way too early.

When the new Maji-Strait arrived, the new Maji-Strait and his hundreds of Soltan associates were immediately murdered and crushed to death by Androm Eda's new powers.  As a result, the Soltan starship that transported the new Maji-Strait, from its orbital location, launched a barrage of missiles upon Androm Eda's position, however, thanks to his new powers, Androm Eda was able to completely shield himself from any injuries. The Soltan starship then sent down over a thousand armed troops to the planet's surface to take out Androm Eda and his several dozen 'brainwashed' troops, only for nearly 400 of those Soltan armed troops to be slaughtered by Androm Eda and his followers. 

During their battle, each time Androm Eda used his gravity powers, he also created planet-wide quakes.  The planet's fragile gravity well began to go unstable.  Plumes of magma and steam began to erupt all over the planet in the throes of the planet's own destruction. 

Using subterfuge skills, Androm Eda set a plan in motion that was designed to convince the starship captain that Androm Eda had been defeated and was drugged and in custody on their transport and they wanted to bring him in for trial (and earn a 'capture' reward as well).  The starship commander allowed the Vetona transport to dock in their docking bay. That's when Adrom Eda and his followers, in the next 15 minutes, took over the Soltan Starship. On a side note, Vetona was left a damaged planet, leaving it on the verge of gravitic collapse - a state that the planet continues to be in even today. Over 40% of the planet's population has since died due to Androm Eda's devastating use of his powers on the planet. This is called the 'Androm Eda Cataclysm' by the surviving people of Vetona.


For the next several years, Androm Eda's starship was not unlike a pirate vessel going from planet to planet, starbase to starbase, raiding, marauding and destroying anything that was Soltan (or for that matter, destroying anyone who opposed him and his growing 'galactic marauders'. He wanted revenge on Solta and the Empire for their 'effrontery' against his genius and the respect due him for his ability to control and run an entire planet. As far as he was concerned, he was 'better' than the entire empire. Due to his Soltan Star Command officer knowledge and experience, he was not only able to evade Soltan forces, but was capable of defeating several Soltan bases, outposts, warships and depots. In time, he amassed a small fleet of 'marauding' starships that eventually drew enough attention that the Soltan Star Command decided it was time to end Androm Eda and his marauders once and for all.

In an epic space battle off of one of Androm Eda's allied planets, Bedafustia, the Soltans finally defeated Androm Eda's marauding fleet, but at the expense of over 12 Soltan Starships and over one hundred thousand Soltan troops. Nearly every one of Androm Eda's marauders were executed. Androm Eda, however, was a serious issue - they had no way to kill him due to his powers and his force fields.

When they attempted to perform a nuclear execution on Androm Eda (as they did with Master Universe AKA Galaxon, see further into this story for more on him as well), he instead used his gravity powers to damage and/or destroy the nuclear devices used against him. No matter what tactic or scenario they tried to perform to kill Androm Eda, they failed. Instead, the Soltan Star Command decided to imprison him into an artificial 'gravity well' prison aboard the most powerful Soltan Starship. The power to maintain the prison's gravity well required nearly 10% of the starship's maximum power capability. Thus, until a way was found to kill him, he remained in an unmarked prison cell. Even when they stopped feeding him, he was still able to use his powers to 'draw' water and/or mineral nutrients from the air and structure of the prison.  Thus remained Androm Eda  - least until the starship was called on an Omega alert to a planet that the Soltans had recently invaded; a planet called Earth.

In 2000, the Soltans invaded Earth. After several months into the invasion, impossibly, the Terrans of Earth were actually defeating the invading Soltans, decimating their forces and causing the Soltans to flee in defeat in nearly every major city the Soltans had occupied. When the starship (a dreadnaught) with Androm Eda imprisoned upon it warped into Earth's orbit, called in by a priority Omega alert, the ship was shortly thereafter severely damaged while in Earth's orbit by a band of the planet's military forces and its superheroes (and some super villains too). This caused Androm Eda's imprisoning starship to crash into the Sahara Desert on Earth in a massive wreck. As a result, Androm Eda was freed from his prison. As it was, he was hurt quite badly in the crash and was in no shape to fight or even protect himself. Luckily for him, he encountered someone who wasn't readily willing to kill him - Master Universe AKA Galaxon; a fellow secretive prisoner of the Soltans who'd also survived the starship's crash into Earth's desert.


Now free from his power-sapping shackles, Androm Eda used his powers to kill whatever few Soltan starship survivors he could, that is, until he encountered Master Universe AKA Galaxon.  He was familiar with Master Universe's story. He knew Master Universe was a megalomaniac, however, he also knew that the two of them both hated the Soltan Star Empire enough that a team-up together to help destroy the empire might be in both their least, as long as Androm Eda could tolerate Master Universe's purported 'superiority complex'. Androm Eda and Master Universe found more survivors; survivors who were also imprisoned aboard the starship; prisoners who could also be powerful allies...or enemies.  Together, Androm Eda and Master Universe, along with the other newly allied prisoners formed a powerful band of 'galactic expatriates', all of whom wanted to either dominate Earth for themselves, return to their own worlds and/or empires or exact further revenge against the Soltan Star Empire. They decided to work together under the title of what they all were: Galactic Expatriates.


On  a side note, one of the 'expatriates' was also the an ally from Bedafustia, Prince Arux. Thanks to their 'working relationship', they'd vouched for each other's worth in the Galactic Expatriates and as such, seems to consider each other either as a 'friend' or 'ally', depending on their mood at the time of asking.

Since Androm Eda knew there was no way he could beat Master Universe, now being called Galaxon, Androm Eda tactically realized it best to go along with Galaxon and his plans and then, if necessary, use that time to use his abilities at subterfuge to eventually gain control of the Galactic Expatriates and either kill or destroy Galaxon...or simply start and build up a new fleet of galactic marauders powerful enough to take down the Soltan Star Empire..while at the same time rule over the mudball they all were now on - Earth.  As such, Androm Eda continued to play the lackey of Galaxon, doing whatever Galaxon demanded on Androm Eda.  Although Galaxon despised Androm Eda's use of his self imposed title as 'Maji-Strait' once again, Galaxon allowed him to continue using the title so long as he didn't 'displease' Galaxon.  Together, Androm Eda, Galaxon and the band of other powerful alien prisoners have since continued their attempts to not only get off of Earth, but to also find a way to take over Earth.

Today, Maji-Strait Androm Eda (called "Magistrate Andromeda" by Earth's media) and the Galactic Expatriates continue to find a way off of Earth, or take it over, so as to achieve their galactic goals. During the last few years, however, the Galactic Expatriates have battled with Earth's forces time and again, being imprisoned from time to time, but eventually the expatriates always seemed to find their way back together to work towards their common goals: Earth domination and getting off of Earth to exact vengeance against the Soltan Star Empire. 


Androm Eda hates every single one of his fellow expatriates. He loves to lord over them, letting them known they are 'less' than he is...all except Galaxon, whom he kowtows to in order to maintain the illusion of his dedication to GalaxonAndrom Eda praises Galaxon in everything he does and every decision he makes, making him the ultimate yes man to the team.  His fellow villains despise him, however, they know that Androm Eda is no fool and is as dangerous to fight as any others on the team, thus an uneasy alliance towards their big goals is all that keeps the team from killing him...or each other.




Power Origin: Science/Technology

  • Gravity Control

    • Control of gravity is a localized effect based from his own body.

    • Depending on the planet he is on and the gravity well of the planet, his powers are directly proportional to planet's gravity.

      • On Earth, for example, he has remarkable gravity control, able to negate or increase gravity to repel or smash victims along the planetary gravity axis.

    • Cannot use his powers to perform sidereal gravity manipulation; only axial, thus his directional control is completely based on an axial trajectory.

      • Range is based on power proportionality.

        • On Earth, he can control this power out to 300 yards from himself.

WEAKNESS: Gravitational Control Power Based on Gravity Well Source Range/Distance

The further he gets from a planet's gravity well, the weaker he is.  On Earth's Moon, for example, his powers are only typically powerful; on Jupiter they are unearthly.  In space, greater than a million miles from a gravity well, he would only have feeble ranked powers.



  • Armor

    • Remarkably strong armor versus physical and energy damage

    • Incredible toxin/toxic, temperate protection

    • Amazing radiation protection

    • It is made from the same metal used on Soltan starships.

    • Protects him from limited times in space (2 hours), however the suit's thermal shield will eventually allow the cold of space to seep in, causing death (or suspended animation) by cryofreezing.

    • Contains its own oxygen pack, allowing 4 hours of oxygen.

  • Force Field Generator

    • Can generate spherical force fields indefinitely so long as the generator doesn't fail

    • Generator is made and protected by amazing composite non-metal material

    • Personal Force Field

      • Normally he generates one Force Field as his personal Force Field; the field is centered on his center of gravity

      • Provides amazing protection against all forms of damage 

    • Multiple Force Fields

      • Can generate two additional remote focused-center force fields around an object/beings center of gravity.

      • For each force field generated beyond his personal force field, the protection drops one level for each additional force field (ex: 1 (personal) Force Field = amazing protection; 2 force fields = incredible protection; 3 force fields = remarkable protection).

  • Systems

    • Extensive array of communications equipment, tactical displays and heads-up targeting data visuals from his helmet, all at excellent levels of control and use.

    • Suit's systems power supply can be indefinite so long and it can recharge from solar, kinetic and/or electrical.  Recharges at a poor rate.

  • Soltan Fighter Plane

    • Has his own customized Soltan fighter plane capable of firing remarkably strong energy cannons at a rate of twin shots per every 6 seconds or excellently strong shots at every 3 seconds, good strength at every second, or typical for rapid fire.

    • Can fly only in the Earth's atmosphere; cannot fly in space

    • Two-Seater

    • Max altitude: 100,000 feet

    • Max speed: Mach 3.5

    • Stealth: remarkably powerful stealth field vs. electronic, radar and visual tracking

    • Protection: remarkable defense for outer skin of plane; electrical systems are protected with excellent levels of electronic sheathing from disruption

    • Controls: Remarkably agile in upper atmosphere, incredibly agile in lower atmosphere

    • Engines are ion powered; perpetual; no fuel required except a new ion core every 10 years (which Androm Eda knows how to build from scratch using Earth's resources).



  • Maji-Strait (planetary governor) (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Melee combat (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Throwing Ranged Weapons (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Marital Arts: Hold/Escape (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Military tactics (Professional)

  • Soltan Star Empire Military operations (Professional)

  • Soltan Lore/History (Professional)

  • Soltan Academia (Professional)

  • Vetona Lore/History (Proficient)

  • Earth Lore/History (Barely Proficient)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Subversion/Spying (Professional)

  • Torture (Professional)

  • Military equipment (Professional)

  • Piloting, air and space (Professional)

  • Starship Captain (Proficient)

  • Ion Engine Engineering/Design (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Soltan (Master)​

    • Vetonan (Proficient)

    • English (Proficient)

    • Arabic (Proficient)

    • German (Proficient)

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