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Don "Major Deej" Finger

1970s: 24 Sep 2011


Wife, 5 children (deceased)



Faindus is a masterfully trained soul magic warrior of the rogue magical society known as Arkaenus


Faindus was trained to be the best warrior of Arkaenus, however, thanks to the Soltan Invasion of Earth in 2000, Arkaenus suffered a massive defeat.  Faindus, who was married with five children, watched helplessly as hundreds of his fellow Arkaenus society members, and his family, were murdered  before his eyes by the Soltans. Over the next several months, Faindus was kept captive, being used as a magical 'battery' for Soltan magical weapons; weapons that were used against his own people and innocent people of Earth. Thanks to the combined forces of Earth's military, superheroes and citizens, they beat back the Soltans in an unprecedented victory that sent the invading Soltans in retreat to the dark side of Mars, where they'd been based out of since.

Following the Soltan retreat from Earth, Faindus spent the next few years attempting to find the remnants of the Arkaenus society. Sadly, after several years, he was only able to find a few dozen survivors, one of which set himself up to become the 'new' leader of Arkaenus, calling himself "Arkaenus Maximus". Faindus was 'promoted' to the title of 'Warrior Prime', to which Faindus was not impressed with nor happy with. Faindus, instead, followed Arkaenus Maximus' orders and became a fighting pawn for Maximus and Arkaenus against superheroes and other magical societies and beings, much to Faindus' dislike.

Recently, while learning to focus better with his newly obtained "Staff of Faindus" (yes, he named it that himself), he was able to 'feel' the call of the souls of his wife and children, as well of hundreds or other souls from his society...but from far away. After weeks of meditation and focus, he was able to discern that the souls were trapped in a Soltan 'soul magic' energy storage device that was now located on the dark side of Mars.  There, his family and society's souls were being 'held' in storage, all pleading to be released and/or brought back.

Over the next month or two, Faindus planned a way to get to Mars, reabsorb his family's and society's souls and bring them back to Earth and transfer them into new bodies (if desired, or released into oblivion, pending the soul's desire).  He became obsessed with the idea of retrieving his family's souls, bringing them back to Earth and imbuing them into some other living bodies (such to the point he didn't care whose other souls he had to rip out of said living bodies, so long as he could reanimate his family). As such, Faindus' planning brought him into possession of a large chest device 'canopic skull' that could be used specifically to store any honed or still-formed souls to the strongest and safest degree.  With that, he went to his leader, Arkaenus Maximus, and respectfully requested to perform his 'quest'.

Arkaenus Maximus told Faindus "no".

Faindus attempted several times to convince Arkaenus Maximus, only leading to Arkaenus Maximus' patience wearing thin, threatening Faindus that any further requests for his quest would lead to Faindus' imprisonment and torture for a sentence as long as Maximus could conceive.

Faindus submitted fealty to Maximus, however, secretly, he started putting his quest into action. He had to find a way to get off of Earth first, and thanks to some 'gleaned' information from a particular Astroguard engineer's soul he'd absorbed, he figured he'd found his ride.


As a means to perform his secret quest to save his family's souls, Faindus learned of a pro-offensive movement secretly fomenting amongst Earth's populace that wanted to go after the retreated Soltans based on the far side of Mars that were still plaguing Earth from afar.  Faindus spent the next few weeks tracking down the leaders of the pro-offensive movement and eventually secretly worked his way into their ranks, not as Faindus, but disguised as a common human pro-offense movement follower.

On the day the pro-offensive movement was to 'comandeer' Terracer 1, Earth's only starship at that time, to take the pro-offensive movement groups to Mars, Faindus easily got aboard Terracer 1 with other pro-offense members.  It wasn't until a day into the journey to Mars that Faindus 'introduced' himself after detecting and defeating a Soltan spy aboard Terracer 1Faindus introduced himself as an 'ally' to the pro-offense movement, wanting to 'take the fight to the Soltans' to make them pay for what they'd done to him and his society. Faindus mentioned the murder of his wife and children at the hands of the Soltans and how he wanted to 'avenge' them...just like most of the others on Terracer 1 now heading out to take down the Soltans. With reservations, the leader of the movement, Captain Starfighter, agreed to keep Faindus with them, but ONLY if he stayed loyal to him and the 'Starfighters' (the Terracer 1 ship's new name for its pro-offensive army) mission.  Faindus agreed, but he was still focused on his quest - to retrieve his family's souls (and the souls of the other Arkeanus fallen if possible) and bring them back to Earth - no matter the cost.  Faindus respects his fellow Starfighters, but considers them 'ignorant' to what sacrifices they'd all soon be making to combat the Soltans on Mars...not that he cares for these 'Starfighters' at all...or does he...?

Today, Faindus is a member of the Starfighters en route on Terracer 1 to exact revenge against the Soltans based on the dark side of Mars.  Now that the Starfighters know who Faindus is, they have 'kind of' accepted him amongst their ranks, however, Arkaenus' and Faindus' past indiscretions are still a factor that many have in distrusting him amongst them. Regardless, Faindus has 'opted' to work with the Starfighters to exact his revenge on the Soltans...and complete his quest to retrieve his family's, and brethren's, souls and bring them back to Earth - no matter the cost.



Power Origin: Magic (Spirit/Soul/Death/Arcane)

  • Soul Vampirism Magic (Spirit/Soul)

    • Remarkable ability to 'ingest' a target's soul used to recharge Faindus' health and stamina.

    • The target's remnant soul, once ingested down to its lowest level of existence, is then stored in one of its 'soul catchers' (See equipment).

    • Soul Vampirism ingests the total of the target's psyche, intuition and reason for a total amount rolling into Faindus health and/or endurance, but not exceeding his baseline physical capabilities.

    • Range: Contact for full remarkable vampiric effect; reduced level for each 5 yards radius to a max of 30 yards

    • Can affect up to 30 targets at once, within range

  • Soul Energy Manipulation/Storage/Conversion (Spirit/Soul)

    • Has remarkable ability to use spare 'soul energy' from the Soul Vampirism use to act as extra energy used towards mana/magical energy, even to exceed his mana storage (see Magical Powers)

  • Magically Altered Biology/Environmental Energy Absorption

    • Magically Altered Biology

      • No longer required to breath oxygen or air

      • No longer required to consume food or water

    • Environmental Energy Absorption

      • Can absorb poor amounts of energy from the environment (solar, kinetic, sound, light, etc.) to 'feed' on in between taking in soul energy

      • Can only absorb up to poor (4 units of health) every several seconds pending on environmental energies available, but cannot convert the energy into more than health and cannot add to his health unless he is below 50% of his baseline health

      • This power maxes out and stops operating when he reaches 50% health (but his eye glow/seething will continue)

      • Whenever his health falls below 50%, this power kicks in and starts to recharge his health

      • This power allows him to stay alive using this absorption power

      • This makes his eyes glow or 'seethe power', signifying he is absorbing from the environment around him

        • NOTE: This can also be a 'power indicator' too; if the energy is pouring from his eyes, his Environment Energy Absorption is in full swing; if he barely has a glow to his eyes, he's not absorbing hardly anything at all

      • NOTE: Keeps this power a secret from all others

      • WEAKNESS: If placed in a dark, sound-proof, vibration-proof box and prevented from making noise or moving, his ability to absorb the feeble amounts of energy from the environment most likely will be in jeopardy. He'll have to be VERY creative in how to stay alive in these conditions.

  • Magical Powers:

    • Good Magical Blasts (Arcane)

    • Range: 100 yards

  • Dark Energy Blasts (Death)

    • Excellent level dark energy blasts (Death)

    • Range: 200 yards

  • Spirit Ward (Soul)

    • 'Body & Soul' Protection Ward provides the following protections:

      • Remarkable physical, energy, magical, toxic/toxin, heat, psionic/mental

      • Incredible cold and radiation

  • Protection Aura (Death)

    • Provides independent excellent magical protection that is always on

    • Works in conjunction (and series) with magical protection with Spirit Ward (Ex + Rm = Amazing magical protection)

  • Spirit Communication (Spirit)

    • Remarkable ability to communicate with spirits, ghosts, astral beings/projections and magical ethereal

    • Range 3000 yards

  • Astral projection (Spirit)

    • Can project his mind/spirit/psyche into astral plane and/or project a ghostly image of himself unto others in the real world

    • Can communicate with ghosts, spirits, astral beings/projections and others on the astral plane and/or while in this state

    • Can also communicate to others in the real world as either a disembodied voice (within range) or through an astral projection of himself (again, within range)

    • Range: 3000 miles

    • Can only perform this for 30 minutes max

  • Spirit Movement and Senses (Spirit)

    • Can move about in the Astral Plane at over 30,000 miles/hour

    • Can sense other spirits within 3000 miles

  • Spirit Combat (Spirit)

    • Psyche is his fighting skill while in astral form performing spirit/psychic combat

    • Psyche also acts as his protective armor in spirit combat

    • If defeated in Spirit Combat, damage directly applies to physical body and astral form will immediately return to physical body, usually resulting in an endurance check against effects of the blow that caused the defeat on the astral plane

  • Flight (Arcane)

    • Good air speed: 200 mph

    • Good space speed: 10,000 mph

    • Good underwater speed: 10+ knots

    • No max altitude/depth other than the effects resulting from said altitude/depth against own endurance and protections

  • Soul/Spirit Magic Spells/Incantations

    • Can perform at remarkable magical levels or less​

  • Death Magic Spells/Incantations

    • Can perform at excellent magical levels or less

  • Arcane Magic Spells/Incantations

    • Can perform at good magical levels or less


  • Magical Body Armor (Death)

    • Provides the following protection:​

      • Good physical, temperate, energy, toxic/toxin, magical, psychic/mental​

      • Excellent radiation

  • Staff of Faindus​

    • Incredibly powerful Spirit/Soul magical focus and mana storage device​ (originally over 2,500 years old; original staff's or owner's name: unknown)

    • Spectacular material strength vs normal damage

    • Unearthly material strength vs. magical damage

    • Stores up to 400 mana/magical soul energy indefinitely, which can be pulled from and used towards own use of Spirit/Soul magic powers

    • NOTE: Mana/Soul/Spirit magic stored in this staff CANNOT be used with or for Arcane of Death magic powers or uses; ONLY for Soul/Spirit magics

    • When summoned and in Faindus' hands, the staff provides an additional level of agility or power level in performing the following powers (see Powers above) through it:

      • Soul/Spirit Magic Spells/Incantations

      • Spirit Ward (Soul)

      • Protection Aura (Death)

      • Spirit Communication (Spirit)

      • Astral projection (Spirit)

      • Spirit Movement and Senses (Spirit)

      • Spirit Combat (Spirit)

    • Summoning

      • Faindus can magically summon the staff from its pocket dimension upon gesture

      • Staff only works for Faindus or can be summoned by Faindus

        • NOTE: Whomever originally owned this staff MIGHT be able to still use it...but we don't know who or what that was​

      • If the staff is knocked out of Faindus' grasp (or, while out of grasp, loses focus through it), the staff automatically returns to its pocket dimension, requiring a re-summoning to call it back

      • NOTE: To summon the staff, it requires a good level of Spirit/Soul magic from his own spirit/soul magic mana storage to perform

    • Chest Device

      • Canopic Skull Artifact

        • Canopic Skull is a 'soul storage device' allowed to store up to 500 souls

        • Material strength is amazing vs all forms of damage

        • Can absorb/store souls to use in any of the following ways:

          • Acts as a soul 'battery' or 'mana storage' to use the souls/spirits to empower any soul/spirit magic used or cast by the bearer of the Canopic Skull​

          • Can be used to store souls that can later be 'returned' to their original bodies

          • Can be used to transfer souls between a live soul-filled body and the Canopic Skull

            • This requires a tad bit of effort depending on the psyche of the living target and their desire to be transferred

          • Absorb a soul or a group of souls, resulting in each soul/spirit (psyche) being absorbed to equate to the equivalent value of mana​

            • Each absorbed soul must be overcome by the Canopic Skull bearer's psyche (and potentially any additional enhancement via the Staff of Faindus, if used) to be absorbed into the Canopic Skull​

    • Chest of Magical Possessions

      • Faindus has brought several dozen magical books, tomes, artifacts, relics, devices and objects along with him.

      • They are all located in a chest that contains an incredible level magical seal and sensory prevention spell about it (cannot be senses by anyone magical or able to sense powerful items).

      • The chest is incredibly invisible and is stored in a secret location in his quarters.​

      • This possessions are items he intends to learn how to use, master and/or configure for use in defeating the Soltans, retrieving his family's and brethren's souls, and rapidly making his way back to Earth, all as part of his hyper-focused quest.

      • Some of these possessions and extremely dangerous; items that he himself may not know how to control or operate, which can unleash potential magical chaos in any attempt to use them, pending Faindus' level of magical control.


  • Soul/Spirit Magic (Professional)

  • Arcane Magic (Proficient)

  • Death Magic (Proficient)

  • Arkaenus Operations (Master)

  • Magic orders/lore (Professional)

  • Magical artifacts, tomes, relics, devices (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Astral Plane (Proficient)

  • Psychology (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Turkish (Professional)

    • Arabic (Professional)

    • English (Professional)​

    • French (Proficient)

    • German (Proficient)

    • Latin (Proficient)

    • Spanish (Proficient)

    • Soltan (Proficient)

    • Chinese (Proficient)

    • Japanese (Barely Proficient)

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