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She Blinded Me With ScienceThomas Dolby
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Toman Doblei


Hero (India)










Blinding Science, Prodigy




Don "Major Deej" Finger

29 Dec 2006



None mentioned...



At age 18, Toman Doblei graduated the Bombay University Suma Cum Laude with two science doctorate degrees. Zenith Labs hired him immediately.

The next 3 years brought exciting advances in science and engineering in nanite technology through Zenith Labs predominantly because of Toman.

At 21, while attending an in-lab Birthday Party for a co-worker, Toman wanted to turn off a piece of equipment in his lab, only to find the Zenith CEO, Prof. Clive Oleander Zenaro, and the leader of the Crimewave criminal cartel, Crimemaster himself, in the middle of exchanging handshakes with the professor happily turning over Toman's work to Crimemaster. Outraged, Toman (naively) demanded an explanation, only to be shot several times in the chest by Crimemaster and left for dead.

In his last few seconds of his life, Toman programmed the nanites to fix his wounds using an experimental bioregen. The nanites not only healed him but have him new powers, even so far as opening up another 20% of his brain functions.  After secretly recovering in Zenith Lab's facility basement, he eventually confromted Professor Zenaro who told Toman that Crimemaster threatened the lives of dozens of the lab's workers unless he handed over Toman's work, doing it to save lives - with no collusion with Crimemaster.  Still untrustworthy of the Professor Zenaro, Toman tendered his immediate resignation and took off.

Days later, Toman defeated Crimemaster and told the authorities of all that happened.  In the battle with Crimewave, the legendary Major Deej showed up and helped Toman with not only shutting down 1/5th of Crimwave's operations, but helped to haul Crimemaster to jail as well.


Shortly thereafter, Toman was asked if he wished to join Major Deej's Challengers super-group, to which Toman stated it was not only an 'honor' to join, but was always a dream of his to be 'the science guy for a superhero team' since he was a kid.


Today, Toman, now going by the name Doc Savant, fights alongside his fellow teammates in scientific...and physical...battles against evil and dangers against humanity and the world!


  • Nanotech Bioregeneration

    • Using millions of nanites he's created, Doc Savant can control them to heal himself or fly off to others within a 50 yard telecommunications range to heal them, each at amazing regenerative rates.

    • Each nanite has typical physical armoring, amazing control, good body, poor flight speed and can communicate with each other up to a maximum of 60 yards. Each nanite officially has 0.01 amount of associated health; with 100 nanites, they'd have a total health of 1.

    • Nanites and communications with the nanites are affected by any electro-magnetic (EM) interference or attack within range at levels of excellent or greater. No nanites=no healing

    • Nanites can replicate other nanites should nanites die or get destroyed. Replication/regeneration of the swarm occurs at a 10% rate per hour.

    • Nanites can hide inside of Doc Savant's body, or in/on other objects with anything that doesn't create good or better damage to them.

    • Nanites can increase/change Doc Savant's bio-musculature actions to increase on single ability (fighting, agility, strength, endurance, reason, intuition or psyche) for up to 1 minute's time.

      • Nanites require twice as long to recharge to perform same function (can be a different ability if desired).

      • Required 25% of nanite swarm to perform.  

    • Nanite security is 2048-bit encrypted (spectacular reason to override...every several seconds)


  • Body Armor

    • Bodysuit​

      • typical physical, toxic/toxin protection​

      • good energy, temperate protection

      • remarkable radiation protection

    • Lab Jacket

      • Poor physical, energy, temperate, toxic/toxin protection​

      • excellent radiation protection

    • Hearing Protection

      • Excellent hearing protection​

  • Sonic Gauntlets

    • Sonic blast

      • good sonic blast; range: 10 feet​

    • Sonic wave

      • typical sonic damage in 30-degree arc; range 6 feet​

    • Harmonic shielding

      • Self

        • harmonic bubble provides good energy, toxin/toxic, physical protection​ for up to 24-28 seconds; can be recreated 20 times on full charge

      • Others in range

        • poor energy, toxin/toxic, physical protection for up to 24-28 seconds; can be recreated to same target again, or done to multiple targets; max allowance=20 times at full charge

    • Ultra-frequency emitter

      • Can change frequency amplitude  at +/- 100 Hz from baseline frequency emission with excellent ability

      • Prevents amplitude cancellation/disruption

      • Can be used for signalling/Morse code/covert messaging, etc.

    • Frequency Detector

      • Can detect full spectrum of frequencies in mHz to MHz range with excellent ability​

  • Holographic/Illusory Battle Drones

    • Drones (4)

      • Construction
        • Body: Excellent​
        • Control: Excellent
        • Armor: Good
      • Weaponry/Defenses
        • Fire​ (good heat damage); melee range: 4 feet; shooting range: 10 feet

        • Ice (good cold damage); melee range: 4 feet; shooting range: 10 feet

        • Force Beam (good physical damage); melee range: 4 feet; shooting range: 10 feet

        • Energy Beam (good energy damage); melee range: 4 feet; shooting range: 10 feet

        • Toxic Blast (good toxic damage); melee range: 4 feet; shooting range: 10 feet

        • Electrical Blast (good electrical damage); melee range: 4 feet; shooting range: 10 feet

        • Shielding (good physical, energy, electrical, thermal, toxic force field (<2 inches from drone surface) protection)

      • Holographic Projection

        • Projects stored images of people, beings, creatures, robots​

        • Primarily uses images of Doc Savant

        • Can emit image over/around its own drone self (not others)

        • Requires a remarkable level of perception to see through it

  • Combat Chemistry/Experimentation

    • Toxic grenade (good toxic damage over time to all in area for 30 seconds)

    • Sleep grenade (good sleep gas effect all in area for 30 seconds)

    • Smoke grenade (4x less visibility to all in area for 30 seconds)

    • Stimulation grenade​ (enhances agility and endurance (and of course health) by a whole level to each in area or the grenade's explosion

    • Acid grenade (reduces surface area/skin/metal, etc by 2 levels  to all in area (1 level per several seconds; 14-15 seconds max effect)

    • Nausea grenade (good sonic grenade using human audible frequencies to distort inner ear drum (3 levels reduced agility, fighting, endurance; gets sick if failing endurance)

  • Rocket Boots

    • Incredible material​

    • Allows to fly up to 400 mph for max altitude of 2000 ft AMSL, pending additional weight

    • Range: 200 miles, pending on additional weight

  • Headgear

    • Goggles

      • Provides normal, infra red, night vision, UV, radio and x-ray detection​

      • Provides good flash protection

      • Remarkable material

    • Comms

      • Unlimited Earth-based communications transceiver access and range (so long as baseline world and satellite comms are in operation)​

      • 25 mile range if baseline/satellite comms are down

      • Video/Audio feeds tied into network

    • Network

      • 500Gb/sec remote WiFi and Microwave internet/laser encrypted link​; 400 Tb data storage

      • 2048-bit encryption

      • Video/Audio feeds tie in with comms

  • Utility Belt

    • Kit Bashing​ Kit

      • Tools, materials used to make good to excellent ranked devices and weapons​

    • Portable analyzer ("Savant-Corder")

      • Excellent sensor device used to read:

        • Material/gas/chemical composition analysis

        • Toxicology

        • biological vitals

        • atmospherics

        • pressure

        • gas compositions

        • magnetic variations

        • magnetic north pole

        • radiation sources (good and above)

        • sonic frequencies (good and above)

        • energy pulses (good and above)

    • Chemical Kit

      • Elements and compounds in vials/fields necessary for creating field-created chemical compounds and/or weapons​

    • Frequency Enhancement Device

      • Device used to enhance/change any transceiver signal power by a factor of 2 for 30 minutes

      • Must be recharged when drained

    • First Aid Kit

      • Standard medical kit

    • Survival Equipment

      • Standard field survival kit (wire saw, matches, mirror, poncho, flare, pulse/flashlight, knife, paracord (25')

    • Flash-bang Devices (2)

      • Good flash damage light explosion​

      • Typical audible damage

      • Potential stun vs. typical endurance

      • Can be set for several second delay


  • Nano-biology/Genomic regeneration (doctorate)

  • Nanotechnology (doctorate)

  • Science (Master)

  • Mathematics (Master)

  • Scientific Technology (Master)

  • Lab Operations (Master)

  • Finances (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Telecommunications (Professional)

  • Quantum Physics (Professional)

  • Leadership (Proficient)

  • Public Relations (Proficient)

  • Computers/Computer Programming (Master)

  • Energy Control/Creation (Professional)

  • Indian Lore (Professional)

  • American Lore (Proficient)

  • Technical Engineering (Professional)

  • Sonic Energy/Frequency Oscillation (Professional)

  • Languages (16 total) (10-Proficient (various), 3 Professional (French, Latin, Spanish, 2-Master (English, Mandarin Chinese), 1 set of languages -Doctorate ( Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Kashmiri, Rajasthani, Sindhi, Assamese (Asamiya), Maithili and Odia)

  • Pilot - Single & Multi-passenger, Single & multi-engined, instrument-rated) (Professional) 

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