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When it comes to the history of the Champions of China, there are three versions: (I) the 'official Chinese government' version, (II) the G.U.A.R.D. 'Classified' version and of course, (III) 'the truth', none of which hardly correlate to one another in a majority of their takes.


NOTE: This is the version that everyone around the planet is told.

The Champions of China was formed in 2015 by the Chinese government in response to counteract against several international attacks and incidents from other extra-national superheroes and forces, key of which was the nefarious Kaha Koa group and other unregulated and regulated superhero teams such as the Commonwealth, the Challengers, the Pacific League and the Protectors. The Champions of China have since become a national celebrity organization that is loved and revered by its people. They have become a highly trained unit that works to help defend the people of China in the case of metahuman and/or unique or supernatural incidents.

The team operates from a large compound in Beijing, China where hundreds of support personnel that monitor national networks for emergencies, as well as maintain and operate base and transportation equipment, including their intensive training simulators and grounds. In their short time of active duty, the Champions of China have averted dozens of national-level catastrophes, saved thousands of lives and have become the epitome of true heroes to the Chinese people. The current lineup is the 'official' lineup. No others have been part of the group before this.


Today, the Champions of China, currently led by Master Zhang, continues to defender the people of China. The Chinese government fully supports their actions and shall continue to provide the team with the resources needed to carry on their mission. Although the United Nations has sanctioned this team to operate internationally and in support of United Nations policies, several countries, predominantly the United States, South Korea, Japan and Great Britain, have not sanctioned, approved or allowed the Champions of China to operate in their national borders.


NOTE: This is the version only known by those with national/governmental Confidential security clearances (or with access in in superpowered groups) or from associated interagency organizations, or have at least a Level 20 security clearance in GUARD (or have instead stolen good intel from either government or GUARD records).

The Champions of China organization was once known as China's classified "Unit 20", created sometime after World War II. Unit 20's functions and details of its operations are sparse at best.  Several dozen documents had been 'procured' or achieved through spycraft over the decades, however, anything prior to the year 2000 has since been destroyed...or lost. It was believed that the World War II Chinese superhero known as Kim Zhaolin AKA Manchurian Murata was part of Unit 20 for most of those decades, and from the few documents uncovered, it seems that Kim was also an unwilling member of Unit 20.  

In 2000, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth and in so doing obsoletely obliterated Unit 20's base of operations and a high majority of the personnel assigned and operating out of there. Unsubstantiated reports are that nearly 88% of their personnel died in the initial attack with the other survivors who were found alive as having 'disappeared' in Chinese bureaucracy not long after the invasion.


From 2001 to 2014, China kept any and all information about their metahumans programs top secret. Even with the CIA, Interpol and G.U.A.R.D. constantly digging to find the info. Over the years, dozens of agents from each agency were clandestinely sent into China to come back with intel on their clandestine metahuman program, only for each agent to never be seen again. To this day, not a single piece of evidence has been found as to the missing agents' whereabouts. In 2015, China did a complete reversal on their program, stating they had were creating and initiating the 'Champions of China' as their official government superhero team.

In 2015, the Champions of China introduced themselves to the world with a sensational media frenzy and a detailed videography of each of their heroes, including their first major recorded battle in Hong Kong against the attacking the Kaha Koa villains. Several other international incidents that were promptly responded to by other heroic groups such as the Commonwealth, the Challengers, the Pacific League and the Protectors were summarily 'invaded' by the Champions of China intervening and even taking over the battles, making themselves to be the true victors in battle and painting the other heroic groups as 'untrained and dangerous to work with'.  As a result, several nations (and GUARD) filed suit to the United Nations' Security Council against China for interfering in the super-battles. Rather than side with those who filed suit, the United Nations sided with China and the Champions of China, authorizing them international access to conduct whatever superhuman interventions and battles necessary, so long as they received proper national authorizations in advance. The United States, South Korea, Japan and Great Britain instead filed against China, the Champions of China and the United Nations preventing the Champions of China from entering any of the filing nations' internationally recognized territories or lands.

Today, the Champions of China continue to interject themselves into protective, defensive and offensive situations relating to metahuman, magic and/or cosmic-based occurrences, most of the time supplanting or overriding whatever existing agency, superhero group or national response provided in lieu of their United Nations' provided authority.  Only GUARD has a greater authority in world matters and THAT is being challenged daily by the Chinese government, the Chinese delegation to the United Nations, the United Nations Security Council and now, recently, from the World Court. If China gets their way, in the next several years, the Champions of China will be taking over all of GUARD's and their superhero meta-group, the Guardiansoperations.

GUARD and most superhero groups are watching the Champions of China with an alert eye, knowing that each time the Champions of China intervenes in world affairs, China tends to benefit from the encounter.  This has created several conspiracy-based theories that someone or something is manipulating this situation with the Champions of China for their own benefit vice that of what instead should be heroic altruism.


NOTE: None of this is know by anyone else other than those suggested or identified in the following content.

Immediately after Japan's surrender in 1945 at the end of World War II, China started over 50 new clandestine agencies and units. Each agency/unit was created to learn and aggregate information, resources and future beneficial projects that would eventually lead to the rise of China as its own superpower. Not even the Soviet Union was aware of these agencies. One of these agencies, Unit 20, was based on metahuman and associated superpowered or super-empowered people.  The first on their list was one of their own from Manchuria that fought in the war alongside the legendary Allied Fighters; that person was Kim Zhaolin AKA Manchurian Murata.

Although there are no surviving documents about the next 40+ years of operations in Unit 20, Unit 20 collected, housed, experimented on and placed into service every single empowered being that existed in China's borders (and even some outside their borders (i.e., Hong Kong).  One of the key focal points was Kim Zhaolin. Thanks to uncaring doctors and scientists, Kim was maliciously experimented on, tortured, forced to use his powers and forced to pro-create to produce hundreds of offspring over the next 40 years. Kim's name was changed hundreds of times to hide and protect him from detection, as were his brides, impregnated women, children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren.  Kim was not the only one being experimented on and tested, but again, anyone who knew anything about Unit 20, other than Manchurian Murata, is said to have died or mysteriously 'disappeared' after the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth (and China) in 2000.

In 2000, with over 3,000 doctors, scientists, military personnel, workers and metahumans (including all their wives, children and offspring), the Soltans attacked China (and the rest of the world) with great ferocity, obliterating each and every building of Unit 20, killing 94% of its personnel at the site.  Some that escaped that onslaught were, within a year's time after the Soltans evacuated from Earth, captured by the Chinese government usually resulting in those captured as being made to 'disappear', even to this day.  Only a handful of those 6% of the survivors didn't 'disappear' per se. Of those that didn't 'disappear' were the Manchurian Murata, Red Dynasty (as a toddler at that time), Youxia (who is still believed dead) and a person who would later go on to be codenamed Master Zhang, who was a powerful Chinese mutant who went on to fight the Soltans throughout throughout China during the duration of the invasion, becoming an unsung Chinese hero (at that time).

After the invasion, China was furious that Unit 20 failed to protect China with more super-powered or enhance beings, and as such, started another new clandestine program called the 'Champions' program.


The Champions program, led by Master Zhang and Manchurian Murata, created China's first supergroup, using the tenants of the best qualities of the any supergroup around the world as an example through which they now built their new superpowered organization with. The Chinese government fully backed the effort. Dozens of super-powered, magical, mutant, tech-based and metahumans were brought in and trained under the Champions program. Most weren't able to handle the intensive training and teamwork regimen they were subjected to and instead either committed suicide or attempted to escape the Champions program. To this day, no one ever left the Champions program alive (or were ever heard from again).

From 2001 to 2014, international pressure increased exponentially on exposing China's Champions program. Thanks to a very dedicated band of spies and counter-spying, the international community, for the most part, never learned about China's Champions program...until late 2014. In a unique spy thriller of a story, one of the Chinese scientists from the Champions program went missing. Chinese intelligence immediately went into overdrive doing everything they could to find and capture the scientist. By early 2015, China was not able to find him and believed that the Western nations had taken him and milked him for every single ounce of information about their Champions program. As such, the Chinese government instead did a 'new truth' tactic by supplanting any and all information about the Champions program as a 'new' superhero group that with state run and supported, created to prevent alien invasions and combat dangerous factions, nations and organizations. One such villainous group was the Kaha Koa; a band of undersea warlords that intended to attack Hong Kong within a month's time.


Rather than call on the American superhero groups to stop Kaha Koa, the Champions program instead created their new 'Champions of China' superhero group and trained them over the next two weeks on how to defeat the Kaha Koa. In a media blitz that would've made the US's Mercury Astronaut introductions in the 1960s look like a reading in a book-of-the-month club, China created a massive worldwide fanfare event to introduce the world to its own 'new' superheroes - the Champions of China.  After the world was fed the well-created backstories and origins, the team was sent to fight the Kaha Koa. The Champions of China, of course, won the battle and drove back the villainous Kaha Koa warlords back to the sea, saving Hong Kong and China from another 'invasion' (On a side note, that missing scientist...he never defected to the West...instead, strangely enough, he instead died by his own hand as a result of a freak lab accident of his own design; an event no one ever knew about or saw). 

Over the next few years, the Chinese government threw in billions of dollars into the new Champions of China, integrating Chinese Intelligence, military, public affairs, marketing, scientists, aviation, teleportation, international lawyers, professional trainers and much more, all to make the Champions of China seem like a one-stop answer to the world's problems.  China used every trick in the book and every low-down and underhanded scheme they could cook-up to make them look to be the ONLY answer to stopping any dangerous beings, teams, disasters and world-breaking events.


Eventually, the United Nations was conned (with lots of Chinese money) into backing the Champions of China as the world's next supergroup authority with United Nations authorized autonomy; an authority that was and continues to be manipulated into supplanting GUARD and its own Guardians mega-team.  This same battle, waged through the United Nations Security Council also instituted that the Champions of China had carte blanche access to anywhere they wanted to go in the world. Several nations, including the United States, South Korea, Japan and Great Britain filed against such an authorization, eventually resulting in the Champions of China not being allowed to enter the complainants' airspace of lands in any way, shape or form, even though the United Nations stated their displeasure with the complainant nations in doing so.  As such, the Champions of China are NOT authorized to enter recognized international waters, lands or airspace of the United States, South Korea, Japan and the Commonwealth of Nations and Great Britain (but can enter Irish and Scottish land, air and sea space).

Today, the Champions of China continue to interject themselves into protective, defensive and offensive situations relating to metahuman, magic and/or cosmic-based occurrences around the world, most of the time supplanting or overriding whatever existing agency, superhero group or national response provided in lieu of their United Nations' provided authority. Only GUARD still has a greater authority in world matters and THAT is being challenged daily by the Chinese government, the Chinese delegation to the United Nations, the United Nations Security Council and now, recently, from the World Court. If China gets their way, in the next several years, the Champions of China will be taking over all of GUARD's and their superhero meta-group, the Guardiansoperations.

In a unique twist of recent events, the Manchurian Murata received a letter from his old World War II associate, Major Invader (who up until recently thought that Manchurian Murata was dead), asking him to come to America and join a new iteration of the Allied Fighters to fight a dangerous reanimated villain from World War II known as Baron Berlin. Not only did Manchurian Murata agree to this, the Chinese government allowed it, as well as sending another one of the new, young Champions of China named 'Red Dynasty'.  Together, Manchurian Murata and Red Dynasty, according to the Chinese government, will be allowed to join the Allied Fighters, but only both of them, not just Manchurian Murata, or the deal is off. This is a strange move by the Chinese government and a major blow to the synergy of the Champions of China, who are now down 2 members as a well as the egregious concern over having two of their few super-powered people now going off to work in the 'West'. There is something afoot with that allowance and China seems too pleased about it.



The Champions of China have only been revealed to exist within the last few years. As for previous 'Champions of China' and/or the team's existence before then, no public record is available. Of course, 'declassified' or 'revealed' information IS available enough to identify the following previous Champions of China...even though Chinese authorities are still 'closed lipped' about any details about these team members.


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