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Kyle Collins


U.S. Citizen (presumed dead)/Atlantean/Villain


25 before change








'Killa' Collins

Atlantic Guard



Don "Major Deej" Finger

1975; 31 May 2010



None known



Kyle "Killa" Collins, a psychotic murderer from Florida in the United States was found near death floating on a burned out wreck of a speedboat floating about in the Atlantic Ocean.  Kyle's 'savior' was King Dolphin, the ruler of the Atlantic Kingdom. King Dolphin took the nearly dead Kyle and used Kyle's body in a series of DNA recombinant experiments, fusing Kyle's DNA with that of a Barracuda, as well as attaching cyborg limbs and parts for those body pieces lost in the speedboat's explosion.

As part of the DNA fusion, King Dolphin also implanted a synaptic control into the DNA as well as an explosive chip in Kyle's head, to use if Kyle was no longer able to be controlled.  When Kyle awoke, he went mad with a berserk rage, trying to bite everyone in the lab.  After being subdued, King Dolphin placed Kyle back in surgery and added an composite material jaw to Kyle skull, with an unhingable hydraulic jay and razor sharp teeth.  With that, King Dolphin wiped Kyle's memories and reprogrammed him to think that Kyle, now called "Barracuda", was instead a superhero-type protector of the Atlantic Kingdom instead.  After a few weeks of training, rehabilitation and conditioning, Barracuda soon became a deadly and ferocious combatant and was assigned to the the elite Atlantic Guard of the kingdom.

Barracuda is a dangerous hunter that kills without mercy. He revels in patience, awaiting the prime opportunity to strike.  When Barracuda does strike, he uses his hydraulic jaw to bite down on a person and uses his claws to sever limbs from that person's torso, all in a frenzied, quick series of attacks.  His remarkable strength makes him all the more difficult to fight.  To even keep up with him swimming or leaping is nearly impossible for most.

Today, Barracuda continues as a guardsman in the Atlantic Guard for the Atlantic Kingdom, under King Dolphin's control.  Although Barracuda does go into berserk rages in the heat of battle, he always comes out of it before he does any harm to any Atlantean, Ningren citizen, his fellow Atlantic Guardsmen or for that matter, King Dolphin.

He is the bane of nearly every superhero on Earth.  Barracuda has, on numerous occasions, been the cause of the death of hundreds of humans and has severely injured at least several heroes and killed one outright, biting that hero to pieces in the process.



Power Origin: Science/Tech (cyborg pieces)


  • Enhance Abilities

    • Swimming/Running/Movement

    • In the water, Barracuda can swim up to 87 knots (100 mph) and can run up to 100 mph, with 20 mph instant bursts in movement from a standstill.

    • Fighting/Agility/Strength/Endurance enhancements

    • In water, his fighting, agility and strength are at remarkable levels, while his endurance is at an amazing level.

    • Out of the water, his fighting, strength and agility are increased to incredible levels,while his endurance remains at an amazing level

    • Can see into the darkness of the depths of the ocean, able to see three times greater than any human in and out of water, with no penalties to any darkness

    • Can swim down to depths of 90,000 feet of depth

    • Can leap up to 500 yards in a single bound above sea level.

    • Highly attuned hearing is over three times that of humans


  • Berserk Rage

    • Should he bite, stab or kill at least three victims, Barracuda can go into a battle berserk, increasing his fighting and agility up an extra level, whether if in water or not.

    • Should he taste blood in battle, his perceptions also increase two levels of intuition and lock his psyche into a battle frenzy at an amazing level, while his reason drops to feeble proportions.


  • Hydraulic Jaw

    • Jaw, teeth and hydraulic cyborg attachments are made from fantastic level material

    • Can pierce, clench and hold steel and any other amazing-level materials in his jaws with nearly 5,000 psi of pressure, so long as he can rend/hold the material in his mouth

    • Jaw can open up to a maw of a 1-foot width bite diameter

  • Composite Material Claws

    • Three claws are grafted to barracuda's enhanced skeleton and frame on each of his forearms

    • Claws are made of fantastic-level material

    • Can be retracted and extended at will

    • Can slice/rend amazing-level material strengths; depth of cut is dependent upon material thickness and Barracuda's strength at the time

  • Communications

    • Atlantic Kingdom encrypted communications frequencies

    • Range 200 ramge bsl; 50 miles asl


  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Aquatic combat (Professional)

  • Fighting: Claw melee (master)

  • Fighting: Biting melee (professional)

  • Acrobatics/Dodging (professional)

  • Marksmanship (guns and ranged weapons) (Professional)

  • Human physiology (proficient)

  • Human psychology (proficient)

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