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(Everything I Do) I Do It for YouBryan Adams
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Ariana Aneida







Caleb Aneida (son)

Trooper Aneida




Don "Major Deej" Finger

9 Mar 2019




Ariana Aneida was a member of a special forces team in Arachnos called the "Knights of Arachnos".  In 2000, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth. Weeks into the invasion, Ariana was still charging in against the invaders alongside the few remaining Knights of Arachnos, killing the Soltans at a rate of 3 per minute...that is, until her luck ran out.

One of the dying aliens grabbed her arms in a vice-lock type grip and held on until one of its plasma grenades exploded.  Ariana didn't die that  day, but she lost her arms and was practically gutted by the explosion.

Luckily, Arbiter Mercedes (who would eventually be called Lord Arachnid), leader of the Knights of Arachnos, got her to safety, saving her life.

After regaining consciousness at a secretive science and robotics center, Ariana was told of her condition. Ariana begged Arbiter Mercedes to find another way to make her whole so that she could avenge her fellow knights and become an asset yet again for the Knights of Arachnos.  After further discussions, a process was found that could make her a cyborg warrior.  She happily agreed to undergo the extensive surgery to become whole again.


Months later, she was off the operating table and back into action, but this time with a new name "Araneida".  Although she entered back into the Soltan Invasion in the last few weeks before the Soltans retreated from Earth, Ariana went into combat against the Soltans, armed with the latest weaponry and a desire for revenge.


In four weeks of time, she killed nearly 1000 Soltans herself.


At invasion's end, she felt empty and wanted to commit suicide knowing the knightly order was still defunct, that there was nothing left worthy to kill...and she'd never conceive or have anything close to a normal life due to her cyborg body.   As such, Arbiter Mercedes placed her in a cryo-freeze unit until he was able to better define what good he could do her...and for the now-defunct Knights of Arachnos.


In 2009, Arbiter Mercedes, now called Lord Arachnid,  thawed out Araneida. Before she could be awoken, Lord Arachnid had the latest technological implants and devices installed in her.  When Araneida finally awoke, Lord Arachnid was there to help guide her into their new "Arachnoknights" order; an order that Araneida liked even more than her old order, the Knights of Arachnos.  With her new tech, a new goal and the look of a brighter future ahead (her chance at a child was now solidified thanks to updated methods in creating babies with her available DNA), Araneida doubled-up on her devotion to the new order.

Today, Araneida has sired (through science) a young son, Caleb, whom she is personally training to become one of the greatest knights of the Arachnoknights order.  He has become a bit of a mascot for the order, and as such, has already been taught by many of the other leaders and knights.  Caleb considers all of the Arachnoknights his 'family'.  Araneida continues as one of the greatest wariors of the Arachnoknights and believes in the order more than ever before.




Power Origin: Natural with Technology

All her powers are based on her Equipment (see below)



  • Cyborg Enhancements

    • Armor

      • Composite armor material provides good physical protection​

      • Energy lattice provides remarkable energy protection

      • Cyborg component armoring provides incredible radiation and toxic/toxin/acidic protection

      • Cyborg components provide fantastic cyber and electro-magnetic protection

      • Helmet and cyborg eyes provide incredible vision protection from flash/blinding attacks

    • Physiological Enhancements

      • Strength

        • Has excellent ability to lift over 500 lbs​

      • Endurance

        • Has an incredible stamina, allowing her to only need 2 hours of sleep per day​

      • Sensory Enhancements

        • Can see for over 5 miles with telescopic vision​

        • Can hear over 200 yards clearly

        • Can gage weather and environmental conditions hours before a weather change

        • Can read all forms of known (Terran) computer code at an incredible rate as if it were a mastered language

      • Running/Swimming

        • Can run/swim upward of 60 mph​

    • Stealth Field

      • Creates a chameleon-like refracting field around Araneida to provide an element of stealth in movement and actions​

      • Operated and imaged by amazing-level stealth field generator

      • Can operate for up to 2 hours before generator begins to overheat; every 2 minutes after the 2 hours, a cascading 4% increase in generator failure starts

    • Flight

      • Has boot jets allowing her to hover and fly up to 500 mph at a max altitude of ​5,000 feet

      • When fully fueled and operational with no additional weight, she can fly up to 1000 miles

      • speed and altitude and distance are reduced by 15% for each additional 100 lbs. she carries 

    • Built-In Energy Blasters

      • Variable setting allow from feeble to a maximum of excellent levels of energy damage​

      • Can be set for single targets, however, with multiple targets and blast arcs, power rank is diminish for every additional target and/or 10% blast arc increase, respectively

    • Built-In Venom Weapons

      • Alkaloid

        • Enacts as a ranged typical acidic attack​

        • Range: 100 yards

      • Envenom

        • Enacts as a ranged typical poison attack​

        • Range: 100 yards

      • Weaken

        • Drops a target's endurance down by a whole level for up to 2 minutes​

        • Can be transmitted on touch or by ranged shot

        • Range: 100 yards

        • Can only fire off 4 per day with at least 6 hours to generate the next charge

      • Neurotoxin Breath

        • Clear typical level neurotoxin aerosol attack that attacks the target's nervous system, temporarily reducing their ability to target (reduced agility) and brain functions (reduced reason, initiative, intuition and psyche)

        • Can be used close-up or ranged

        • Max. range: 10 yards

        • Can only use 3 times a day, requiring 8 hours to regenerate each next charge

        • She can store up to 3 charges, but can only fire them off once every 30 seconds or so.

    • Computer Systems

      • Computer Tracking/Targeting

        • Amazing tracking and targeting system; can track up to 50 contacts at a time​

      • Computer Diagnostics

        • Amazing ability to troubleshoot and effect repairs on any cyborg components (does NOT include biological systems or armor)​

      • Cyber-Attack System

        • Amazing ability to crack or hack any standard computer system (does not include alien; targeted system must be from a known computer language)

      • Computer/Communications Link

        • Capable of storing over 100 Pb of data​

        • Can access any/all network signalling to effective rate of 10 Gb/sec data rate (pending source)

        • Can access all forms of cellular/network communications within 100 miles, enacting as her own amplified, encrypted transceiver.

        • Can access internet and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and break through all site/server cyber-protection up to an amazing level

      • Cyber Defenses

        • Has amazing computer defense systems to prevent viruses, cyber attacks and malicious software integration into core cyborg computer system​



  • Melee Combat (Master)

  • Built-In Energy Weapons (Master)

  • Built-In Venom Weapons (Master)

  • Acrobatics (Professional)

  • Aerobatics (Professional)

  • Computers/Networking (Professional)

  • Cyber-attacks/protection (Master)

  • Weapons Knowledge (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Stun/Slam (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Initiative Increase (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Study/Increased Damage (Proficient)

  • Knights of Arachnos/Arachnoknights Lore (Professional)

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