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There is no superhero universe worth enjoying unless you have characters!  The MDU is inundated with some of the most dynamic characters EVER! Click on any character above for more details or find them in our INDEX.

Whats New?

Updated: 21 Feb 2021 @ 1946 Eastern

21 Feb 2021

NEW! RyotoRyokoJu-Lon

UPDATED: Champions of China, Hero TeamsMDU Index


20 Feb 2021

NEW! Hir YurDrayceCaptain Shanghai



13 Feb 2021

NEW! Master Zhang

UPDATED: Manchurian Murata, Red DynastyChampions of China

More Characters!

We have even MORE characters here too! We had to add another list to show our expanding list of heroes and villains! Click on any character above for more details or find them listed in our INDEX.

Major Deej Comics

Major Deej Comics showcases the MDU's characters and teams in the best story-driven, page-turning comics around!


Click on any of the issue covers above to view the comic or simply visit our MAJOR DEEJ COMICS page to see our selections!




27 Feb 2021

When you need to be saved, who are you going to call? THE FIREBIRDS! Why them? Because this family of super-powered heroes and their amazing non-profit life-saving workers and teammates do this to help those in need! Ungoverned by politics or bureaucracies, the Firebirds are a team that in allowed by most nations across the globe to help them in their hour of need. Natural disasters, rescuing survivors of sinking ships, search and rescue operations and even, at times, fighting bad guys to help save and rescue the innocent and helpless.  A family that saves together are heroes together!

Over the next few weeks, the Firebirds will be getting their first major updates and new content in nearly a decade (if not for the first time)! The stories and tales of this 'fantastic' family of life-saving heroes will leave you with a warmer heart...especially since each of the family heroes have a fire-based power! Enjoy the entries and check in often for the latest!

It's the Chinese New Year! The Year of the 'Metal' Ox!  Ergo, it's the perfect time to introduce the CHAMPIONS OF CHINA!

10 February 2021 (Updated: 21 Feb 21)

Even China needs heroes, even if they're state-run heroes! China's new superheroes in the Champions of China are a unique blend of magic, technology, mutant and incredible human skills. Combined with a limitless source of support personnel, intelligence information and a hardy consistent regimen of training, this team is more than enough to tackle anything they take on! 


Over the next few weeks, we'll be presenting these new characters in all their Chinese glory! Break out the fireworks, Wanton and Dim Sum and check out these new heroic entries with their amazing stories and incredible images while you celebrate bringing in the Chinese New Year! 


UPDATE (21 Feb 2021): The Champions of China entries are complete! Read up on these extraordinary stories and characters! 

Golden Dragons Logo 2.png


30 January 2021 (Updated: 10 Feb 21)

Golden Dragons Logo 3.png
Golden Dragons Logo 2.png

When the Asia Pacific criminal organizations that made up the Triad went to war a couple decades ago, they left a huge power vacuum for others to jump in and take over. One of those filling that void is none other than the GOLDEN DRAGONS!

This gang of thieves, privateers, pirates, human traffickers, drug runners, weapons dealers, money launderers, gamblers, assassins and creators of political intrigue and war are well versed in their wide range of capabilities - all for a profit of course!

Led by the mysterious Dragonmaster, the Golden Dragons have stepped foot into the world of super-powered minions with several of their own gifted warriors and manipulators. Together, the Golden Dragons continue to feed off the ignorant, empower the politicians, dishevel the unworthy, obtain anything illegal for anyone, and make the Golden Dragons the richest band of brigands in the region in the process!

Follow along with us for the next few weeks as we add, update and amend to our wretched hive of scum and villainy!

UPDATE (10 Feb 2021): The Golden Dragons have been completed! View the images; read the stories; listen to the music; experience the rebirth of the Pacific Basin's next generation of crime!  ENJOY!!


They're back! Better get your insurance paid up!

16 January 2021 (Updated: 26 Jan 21)

Demolition Patry Logo.png

So you thought it was safe to step into 2021, huh?  Well, that idea just got demolished...by the DEMOLITION PARTY!


Faster than a union-led construction crew! More powerful than a Liebherr LTM 11200 crane! Able to knock down tall buildings in a single blow! It's a Foreman! It's a Excavator! It's...it's....a DEMOLITION PARTY!! Yes, the Demolition Party. Led by the infamous FOREMAN, this group of super-powered demolitions experts routinely provides three of the five phases necessary for any site's demolition, all in one package...whether the site wants the demolition or not! Contracted by the highest bidder, these devastators and dilapidators show up, destroy and leave, usually getting enormous pay checks for cutting out the middle man and the slow union-led construction crews and services. That is to say, some of their jobs are to tear down buildings for competitors of other businesses as well; perfectly fine buildings not even slated for demolition for that matter! It's a dog-eat-dog world in corporate competitiveness, and what better tool to have than a crew of super-powered people that will take out your competition's factory BEFORE said factory can start-up production on a product that could corner the market! Imagine the happiness this 'party' brings to executives trying to find ways to 'tear down' their competition! Well, here they are!


Keep watching the Demolition Party page as well as the latest entries in the "What's News?" section of our website's home page in the next month or so for the latest character entries for our band of not-nice demolishers and dilapidators!

UPDATE (26 Jan 2021): The Demolition Party job is done on this site! Check out all the new and amazing info, history, powers, equipment and talents this band of destructive deficients have! It'll 'knock you over'!  ENJOY!!

2020: An Infamous Year for Most; A Productive Year for the MDU!

28 December 2020​

YAY! 2020 is in our rear-view mirror and with that, a whole new 2021 lies within view full hopefully loaded with renewed hope, health and happiness for all of us. We all know that 2020's trials and tribulations on each one of us has been difficult, but I have to admit, it's been a productive year in getting things done with the MDUverse! Thanks to the mandated 'down time' with COVID-19, work changes, working from home, travel and social restrictions, the MDUverse team has been able to add a LOT more to the site than ever before!

For 2020, we've been able to provide the following to our MDU site:

  • Added and updated over 233 characters and character pages

  • Added imagery for over 26 bases, HQs and facilities

  • Added 22 new MDU businesses, governments and charity organization pages

  • Completed 17 new teams, gangs and/or groups

  • Added a new 'Comments' feature

  • Overhauled and re-initiated our Facebook page

For this band of volunteers and working folk...that's a LOT!


For 2021, our goal is to provide and add/expand the following content on our site:

  • Add the final and LAST few hundred characters, groups/gangs ang MDU Organizations to the site

  • Construct and add imagery for an additional 16 bases, HQs and facilities

  • Restart publishing Major Deej Comics titles and issues with at least 6 brand new issues for 2021

  • Publishing our first MDUverse book/series on Amazon

  • Create a new MDUverse home page action-packed intro video

  • Complete page formatting standardization for all character and group pages

WHEW!! That's going to be quite the list...and that's just our starting goals! Things change! Clothes change! Hairstyles change! Stories change! CHANGE! I'm sure there will be more!

With that, THANK YOU for your patronage of the Major Deej Universe! We truly hope you've enjoyed reading and viewing our world of superheroes, stories and adventure and hope to bring you more and the same well beyond 2021!


MDU UCE Flag.png

The United Canadian Empire

and its UCE Enforcers!

15 December 2020​ (Updated: 28 December 2020)

UCE Groupshot III - Web.jpg

This is NOT the Canada you known and love! No, it's the UNITED CANADIAN EMPIRE and its collection of dastardly super-powered and highly skilled UCE ENFORCERS! Led by the villainous, militaristic and strategic mastermind known as EMPEROR NORTH, this nation of land-grabbing terrorists, metahumans and troops intends to take over ALL of North America and turn it into THEIR  new empire called "New Canada"...even if they have to nuke American and Canadian cities to get their way!


Keep watching the United Canadian Empire page, the UCE Enforcers page (and their respective links), as well as the latest entries in the "What's News?" section of our website's home page in the next month or so for the latest character and national entries for our band of not-nice Canadian terrorists!

UPDATE (28 December 2020): The United Canadian Empire character entries and pages are DONE! Take a cool look at these page-turning character origins, images and theme music in these new pages! Bring in the new year with the UCE! ENJOY! 

To arms! To arms!

The Yankee Minutemen are coming!

27 October 2020​ (Update: 28 Nov 2020)

Yankee Minutemen Group Shot I.jpg

Get your lanterns and head up to the steeple of the Old North Church in Boston! 1 if by land, 2 if by sea...maybe its time for a new lantern signal: 3 if by internet! Grab your (computer) mouse and alert the masses to take to the MDU's pages!


YES! FINALLY! The YANKEE MINUTEMEN are getting their long deserved opportunity to wave their flag! These New England adventurers and militants are a band of heroes (and some might even say vigilantes) who put their lives on the line for the protection and freedom towards the people of America's New England region! Led by their enigmatic leader, Minuteman, these patriots have become icons in the battle of justice. Their stories are extraordinary! Their teamwork is legendary! Their MDU entries are simply WIKED AWESOME! 

Keep watching the YANKEE MINUTEMEN links and the "What's News?" section for the latest character and webpage entries and updates for our patriots, the YANKEE MINUTEMEN HUZZAH!!

UPDATE (28 November 2020): The Yankee Minutemen character entries and pages are DONE! Take a revolutionary look at these amazing new character pages, images and music! You'll feel patriotic just listening to some of the music! ENJOY! 

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